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Druid's Keep 2nd anniversary adventure.

Last Saturday, I went to the 2nd Anniversary of Druid's keep in Magallanes. Gerry Alanguilan was there to promote and sign his very successful title Elmer now on its second issue. One thing I noticed when he signs his books, he'll be comfortably slow and felt like, he was actually drawing his name on the book. I admire that actually. Me? I'm a speed freak! I did some speed sketches for fun. I sold some issues of Rambol and Tropa plus gave out some free posters of Sacred Mountain and I am content that new people tried and I hope will enjoy our titles. Gerry encouraged me to write down some of my views on how to improve the current state of komiks. I'll have to polish that thought before posting it here in my blog. I really enjoyed our conversation and the delicious BBQs Mr. Cua has prepared for the occassion. Thanks Felix for the support and Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Another look back at komiks 1994

Just a week ago, Mr. Rod Espinosa wrote me an email. Rod is just one of our local artists who migrated to the US and continued their profession abroad doing comics. He's already done numerous project under Antartic Press. I actually colored some of his pages for "For Eternity" when it was reprinted here locally by PSICOM.

I happen to have a copy of his old work while working for TERMINATOR komiks( Sonic Triangle ) he worked on "CYBERINA" while I did X-Trooper inside the said Comic Magazine. We haven't met personally but is good to know that more of us back then are now working on more projects that are internationally released.

Keep the magic coming Rod!