Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The BIG Question: How big IS the local komiks Industry?

We are coming out with a new title very soon under our very own SACRED MOUNTAIN PUBLICATIONS. The same questions always loom over every creator who has ever considered putting out a book from the deepest depths of their creative minds to the shelves for the people to read and enjoy Komiks. In the past, local publishers have no problems selling more than thirty to a hundred thousand copies every week through consignments, as newstands are so visible and scattered nationwide. However, distributing all the copies to potential buyers is now so limited that it usually takes a lot of time and effort before a good book gets to the reading public. During this time that there is a need to know the real state of the komiks industry, I would like to urge everyone who can read this to send us an email and tell us if you are among the existing local komiks readers of today. All you have to do is send us an email at smp_letters@yahoo.com and let us know if you still support the industry. Comments and opinions about the local komiks industry are also welcome. We'd appreciate if you can write your real name so that we can tally results correctly. You don't need to write your whole address but it is wise to do so, because I am going to send a little token to a lucky letter sender, just for writing to us. It is an original art pencilled on an 11x17 artboard of any character of your choice. Just don't forget to write the desired character you want me to draw if ever your letter gets picked. Please indicate "I AM A KOMIKS READER" in the subject of your email. Don't worry, this will be conducted under utmost confidentiality. Within a month I'll put here the number of responding letters for all to see, no names, just numbers.

Hope to hear from you guys soon. Please tell your friends as well.

-Gilbert Monsanto
Sacred Mountain Publications

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Title other titles in KF#3

Here are the some more titles:
Kulto by Jess Grafilo Jr. and Rudy Florese

Double Blade by Vic Poblete and Clem Rivera

Versus by Mike Tan and Lando Inolino

A little trip down memory lane shall we?

A student of mine, Raymund Ferrer brought some of his collections of old 90's komiks including issues with my early works. I'll show you guys more of these title soon but for now, let us take our eyes unto this one first. The 3nd issue of Kick Fighter dated February 22, 1993. This is those times when video arcades are booming and kids love all them video game characters but everything else about them was so limited to alot of people. Internet was not that popular then. So Infinity Inc. made a huge risk of publishing this fight book. One of the first to come out. It was not intended to promote superheroes but Fighting in general. The cover was done by me. Although, all the characters inside are clearly parodies of the original concepts that is of course Street Fighters. Readers wanted more from the arcades and liked the title.

I've also scanned some inside pages to show you the original line up of writers and artists involved in the komiks magazine as the titles like this was technically named. During this time, I was about to quit comics. This title and BIOTROG saved my career so to speak.

He smiled :)

Last Saturday, we went to PGH for a scheduled ultrasound. The doctor said that our baby is a boy. Actually early on, we already had an ultrasound, this was on the third month of her pregnancy. The doctor then also told us that she can already see a tootoot(penis), but we decided not to jump into conclusion until the 5th month. Well, we really hoped it would be a girl this time since our first child is a cutie boy. It is perfectly okay for us as long as our baby is healthy.

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During the whole procedure, as the doctor was talking about 4d ultrasound and how much it costs. She managed to show us our baby's face, and what do you know? He smiled. I guess he'll be just like his kuya Kyle who is always smiling and laughing just like their daddy hehe.