Monday, November 24, 2008

BAYAN KNIGHTS: The story thus far

(Originally posted on our Bayan Knight blog dated Nov. 20, 2008)

“Looks like we made it” could be on everyone’s minds right now. For now, Bayan Knights #1 is being printed maybe even as we read this entry. Just like before, I can’t help but be a bit anxious about what the final product would look, smell, and feel like. For someone who has done this for a long time, I am wondering how the Knights are taking the pressure of knowing that the time is fast approaching. I could still remember every time a new comic book I made gets released to the market. The best way to describe that feeling would be“exhausting.” The expectations are there along with some morbid thoughts about people hanging me for my work. But this time, it is different. I’ll be sharing these feelings with more than 30 people - each one waiting for this issue to come out.

This book has represented a lot of things for me. The idea that people from different walks of life but with a deep appreciation of comics can truly band together and share not just their hopes and dreams but the idea that all of us can help each other and support everyone in the group is somewhat amazing - even for me. With only a few months to do the actual comic book and find funding for it, it was not an easy task for all of us.

So where are now exactly? We are a critical point where possibilities might come from all sides, both good and bad. All expectations – and doubts - are high and when we finally get there, we’ll all realize that this is actually just the beginning. The work to be done will be more challenging than the first time. There is a bigger picture that is still hidden under this project of ours and we will be needing more heroes to help us along the way. Rest assured that we will be transparent to all members.

Miracles, a lot of these seem to keep popping up for all of us. Little surprises and wonderful experiences have surrounded us with every step we take together towards one direction. Yes, there may be sceptics who will surely show up and we are ready to face them together. We’ll learn from them and we’ll listen with open minds and hearts. This family of dreamers and builders will not be hindered because we’ve all accepted the fact that the only way for all of us to succeed is by caring for each and every Knight no matter who or where they are. I am amazed and glad to have met these people, all white knights to the cause.

“We are one”. That line holds us together and will only make us stronger while we continue learning from each other. If you look at the progress of each member in terms of artistic maturity and compare that with the individuals that they were before being a Bayan Knight, you would see their considerable growth. This rally of progress can only be described in one word -- infectious. It is my dearest hope that this will continue and in turn, bring forth more opportunities for all of us.

Heroes have also stood with us; we are grateful and proud to walk among them, brave individuals who reinforce the realization that heroes do still exist in all of us. We hope we’ll also inspire others to find the hero in every Juan in the country.

So are we truly there yet? Not by a long shot, but we are definitely getting there.

Gilbert Monsanto

A Bayan Knight

Sunday, November 23, 2008

BAYAN KNIGHTS at Komikon 08

I am bad at this, it'll take me a bit of time before I could recover and make a detailed entry about our KOMIKON 08 experience. But It was a smashing success, congrats to all of us who are there. Ang daming magagandang Titles ngayon.

Successful din ang unang labas ng Bayan Knights issue 1. Congrats mga Knights!

The whole time, we were getting all the names of all the people who supported us during the day, while I came up with an original 11 x 17 Bayan Knight art to be raffled later that say day, and the Original Bayan Knight art raffle winner is Christian Dior Barcelona no.83rd who logged on our book.

I'll post more about that day soon.

Friday, November 14, 2008

KOMIKON Schedule of Activities

KOMIKON: The 4th Philippine Comics Convention is not limited only to November 22. It will be a week-long event which includes panel discussions, exhibits and workshops, all happening within the University of the Philippines campus in Diliman, Quezon City.
withUP LUNAROCK and UP GRAILbrings you a week long KOMIKON 2008!!!
Besides the convention proper on November 22, 2008, there will be activities held from November 17 - 21 at the UP College of Arts and Letters (UP CAL) and in the UP College of Fine Arts (UP CFA) for KOMIKON. Our schedule is as follows:

November 17 (Mon)
KOMIKS 101 TalkVenue: UP CFA Auditorium
“KOMIKEROS FOR HIRE”Filipino Comic Artists Working for Companies AbroadTime: 10:00am - 12noonPanelists:
Harvey Tolibao
Wilson Tortosa
Gilbert Monsanto
Melvin Calingo

“KOMIKS IN EDUCATION”Including Comics into the CurriculumTime: 1:00pm - 4:00pmPanelists:
Gerry Alanguilan
Gilbert Monsanto
Elbert Or
Jose “Chong” Ardivilla
Emil Flores

November 18 (Tue)
OPENING of EXHIBIT at UP Faculty Center Galleria 1
UP CAL Workshop: “Comic Making for Writers”Time: 2:30-4:30pmVenue: UP CAL (classroom to be announced*)
Jonas Diego

November 19 (Wed)
UP CAL Workshop: “Old Comics to Modern TV Adaptations”Time: 2:30-4:30pmVenue: UP CAL (classroom to be announced)
Gilda Olvidado

November 20 (Thurs)
UP CFA Workshop: “Comic Writing for Artists”Time: 2:30-4:30pmVenue: UP CFA (classroom to be announced)
Gerry Alanguilan , Elbert Or and Jamie Bautista

November 21 (Fri)
UP CFA Workshop: “Publishing Comics: Mainstream and Independent”Time: 2:30-4:30pmVenue: UP CFA (classroom to be announced)
Speaker: Ian Cang, Lyndon Gregorio, Michael David

November 22 (Sat)
Komikon 2008: 4th Philippine Komiks ConventionTime: 10 am - 6pmVenue: UP Bahay ng Alumni

For more information about the event please contact Rikki of UP LUNAROCK at 0915-4269190; Roja of UP GRAIL at 0919-3354089 or email us at
Official Komikon Site

Friday, November 07, 2008

RAMBOL #3 delivered!

We just need to put them inside plastics and they are ready to be distributed :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

RAMBOL #3 will be out next week!

Rambol#3 will be delivered within the week. If you are near the Megamall area, you can order them directly from me and we'll just meet up.
Just email me at
60 pesos lang!
-Gilbert Monsanto

Saturday, November 01, 2008


pencil by Gilbert Monsanto

inked by Edgar Tadeo

colors by Mark Taduran and Rain Beredo

Nuff said! :)
We'll be using the white version for the actual print.