Saturday, December 29, 2007

Digmaan Poster part 5 WIP

Still working on it :)

2008- Year of the RAT!

Hey It is my year all right, and my wife just found this info from:
I've always mixed my Aries sign with this and all I can say, They fit. What do you think? :) Have a Happy New Year folks!

2008 Chinese Year of the Rat - 50 Characteristics

Bill Belew December 17, 2007
Know More: All about China 2008, chinese, year of the rat
2008 will be the Chinese Year of the Rat.

Other animals in the 12 year Chinese cycle are - Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Dog, Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Sheep, Rooster and this year's Pig.

The Chinese new year begins on February 7th. Until then, new babies are pigs. Their dad's, too, some mom's might say.

How old will you be this year? If your age can be divided by 12 into a round number then you are a Rat.

Too hard? Will you be born, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 or 108 this year?

You are a rat.

What are the attributes of the Rat?

1. First in the Chinese 12-year cycle

2. protector

3. bringer of material prosperity

4. aggressive

5. associated with wealth, charm and order

6. also associated with death, war, the occult, pestilence and atrocities

Rats are:

7. leaders

8. pioneers

9. conquerors

10. charming

11. passionate

12. charismatic

13. practical

14. hardworking

15. highly ambitious

16. strong-willed

17. keen

18. unapologetic promoters of their own agenda

19. energetic

20. versatile

21. resourceful

22. adaptable

23. appealing as a friend

24. selective when choosing friends

25. have few close friends


26. obstinate

27. controlling

28. strong self-control of emotions

29. can manipulate, control and exploit others

30. master of mind games

31. dangerous

32. calculative

34. quick-tempered

35. quick to exact revenge


36. need to learn to relax

37. obsessed with details

38. intolerant

39. strict

40. demanding order, obedience and perfection

41. fair in dealing with others

42. expect fairness from others

43. have expectations of self and others too high sometimes

44. become idealistic and tolerant with age

45. face identity crisis in life

46. feel guilt

47. must work hard and long for everything

48. greatly tempted by gambling, alcohol and drugs

49. are not good friends with horse

50. get along well with monkeys, dragons and oxen


If you are still looking for a job, try being a spy, a shrink, a psychologist, writing, politics, law, engineering, accounting, detective work or pathology.

And, how many of those traits could likely be said about any person/s?

Yeah, I don't take any stock in the Chinese zodiac or any other zodiac for that matter.

Do you?


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

NARDO page 2

For next year's komiks EXPLOSIVE coming project with a lot of friends in the industry, as we will try to make a huge effort to rehab the industry. If 2007 was the year komiks was revived. 2008 will be komiks' full return to good health :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Rise of the DEMIGODS

Something to look forward to next year:)

for more images go to:

Monday, December 03, 2007


November is over and we've experienced a lot of events and changes within the month. We had to stop doing some of the things we've been doing for the last 6 months due to numerous factors and we felt it was excess baggage anyways. If we look at it in one way, it could be viewed as a huge setback. But after letting go, we've managed to get more time back for our kids and that in my opinion, is a very wonderful thing.

We are late with our titles, I am sad that they were not available during the Komikon this year but as my wife pointed out. Rushed work means more room for mistakes. I'm lucky to have a wise woman as my wife :)

Got to travel, my second time in Hong Kong. Here I was able to finish 2 new stories that I hope will get published next year. Sometimes, a good vacation is all you need to clear your head hehe. Everybody there thinks I am chinese so, they just start talking to me in chinese, my wife think that was funny and she had a hard time looking for me stating that I blend in there perfectly hehe. We did not bring our eldest who is just three and a half years old to Disneyland for one obvious reason, he won't remember most of the trip, an expensive one at that. 12 is the magic number for him.

Once we got back from the trip, our second son, Shawn's Birthday was held at the Grilla in Libis. Although, I was not able to attend our High School that same night. Sorry guys, hope you won't hate me... much.

Now, I'm back working and I really need to finish soon, within this week.

Here is for the coming Holidays, Cheers! I'm loving the cold weather.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

sketchfu :)

Got to this site, when I visited Carlo Vergara's Blog :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

lost in translation in HK :)

Still here inside the hotel room, working. I miss my kids, I'll try to finish most of my work here so when I get home, I'll get to spend quality time with them. Good thing, I brought some indy goodies from the KOMIKON 2007. Keeping me entertained :)

I haven't written anything about the Komikon yet. My mind is still a bit disorganized from it all. Congrats to the new titles that came out during the KON!

It was really quite an experience, especially when people brought very (1993) old komiks with my work on them! Some of the titles I actually forgot that I did. It was quite a blast from the past.

I wish I could get to study my stories back then.

Thank you nga pala to RENIE and LEVY for helping me sa table. You guys are the best!

Well, back to work for me, Take care guys!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

San Miguel ad in HK

This is my third day in Hong Kong, After a city tour on the 1st day here, we happened to see this San Miguel Ad :) Way to go San Miguel Beer! :)

On our second day, DisneyLand :) where the mascots are flirtatious, Goofy wanted to get a Japanese Girl's address after taking pictures with him. I am still able to work after the tour hehe.

I am now, here inside the hotel, firing away with the work. Need to finish all of them before the expensive 24 internet access expires tonight :)


Monday, November 12, 2007

Old character

When I was in Highschool, I have this character, Lance and the whizbangs. Lance is a very fat house lizard who imagines that the boy Lan, living in his house is his best friend.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

NEW and improved METROPOLITAN 3 Cover!

My Editor/wife did not like the last cover I did. So, she asked if I could do another one. So, here it is! Hope you'll like this one better :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Visit my shop :)

Come visit my store on CafePress!

Wala lang, pinagaaralan ko pa ito. Soon, aayusin ko ang Store ko :) Nakita ko lang ito kila Ner P at kay Reno Maniquis. Sinubukan ko na rin hehe.

Digmaan WIP part 2

Here is the second 17x 11 image :) already started on the third part. Enjoy!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Clearing something up.

Just read something about Digmaan:

"And thus we find ourselves in this situation. Filipinos who are capable of doing worthy comics are not doing webcomics or are doing them halfheartedly. The majority who do comics on the web simply do not have the talent to create something worthwhile.

Gilbert Monsanto, an established professional, gives us Digmaan, a fanciful exercise in super heroics. A quintessential superhero artist, his webcomics fall short of the quality he is capable of providing. He has demonstrated that he is fully capable of solid meticulous illustration when he wants to, and yet he considers it unnecessary to apply the same to his webcomics."

First, I would like to thank you for mentioning my fanfiction webcomic on your site. Thank you sir.

I just want to clarify something to Mr. Osorio, Digmaan is not meant to be done in its full version at all. It was never my intention for this story to be done and geared up to be just a webcomic. In fact all you see here are unfinished pages, most are not inked. I do this intentionally for several reasons. To make it clear that I have no intentions to get this comic pages in print, , most of the characters included here are owned by their respective creators. It will be a miracle if one day, I'll be able to get permission from all of them in order for me to use all of the characters and produce the actual Graphic Novel of DIGMAAN, 300 pages all in all. Another reason is to prevent piracy, I don't think they can print these low resolution images, and if they do. It will not the be the final cut nor a sellable image. I am focusing more on the story itself, keeping it locked inside my brain hurts, this is sort of a release mechanism for me. I thank the web for that.

I am content that I am now able to show and even remind more and moe people of the richness of our local komiks when it comes to having these fantastic characters that inspired me to do what I do today.

Digmaan in print will be the real dream come true for me. I just hope that the glimpse of that reality is enough for my readers, for now. Sorry to disappoint, but hey at least it's fun and free of charge.

I am currently doing a promotional image, I'll do this one in it's complete version. They'll appear the way I would want the book to look, if it ever get published.

Hope that clears up everything.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

huge DIGMAAN art WIP

Started doing this promotional image for DIGMAAN. I'm hoping to finish up to four 17x11 illustration before the coming KOMIKON 2007. This is my tribute to all our local Superheroes ever made for every Pinoy Komiks reader. :)
I think doing the line art is not going to be a problem for me, although coloring them will be a tidious task. Wish me luck hehe.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

DIGMAAN page 64

Note: Vanguard, created by JIM and JAY Jimenez. Serialized sa BATA BATUTA komiks.

DIGMAAN page 63

Muli na pong magbabalik ang Digmaan bilang preparasyon sa darating na KOMIKON 2007. Sana'y tangkilikin ninyo muli ang pakikipagsapalaran ng ating mga bida. Maraming Salamat!

Friday, August 17, 2007

MMK cover

50 pages plus two covers in 10 days. I'm not kidding but that was the deadline Mango Comics gave me for MMK. I finished the pages after 13 days with the help from Lan Medina and Aries Mendoza. This is supposedly my first time to do a love story. Unfortunately, it won't get printed.
Fortunately, they say I still made the cut and I got paid. :)
Here is one of those covers for "Walkman."

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Just an update.

Still coloring pages for Tropa issue 2. Here is a panel drawn by Lui Antonio. Also been doing other projects on the side. Need those to feed my family and get enough funds for my books :) A new position was offered recently to me, Let's hope this one pushes through.
Did an almost impossible job of producing 52 pages including two colored covers for MMK in 10 days. Managed to finish them in 13days though. Thanks for the help Lan and Aries :)
As for the Carlo Caparas komiks coming out. I just wish it will succeed in reviving the komik industry's circulatory system :) I have just one complain regarding page rates. If a publisher can afford more, why give your drinking buddies less for their work? Yes, they do not mind, or maybe if they don't take your offer, they feared for the worst. Like no more work coming in from you guys. All I wanted to say is that, these artist deserves more love from a friend. Somebody might think, well they are just not in it for the money. Who are we kidding? We all know time is getting short and in no time, if we get sick or something that might prevent our hands to deliver, we might not have enough funds even for medicine. Try to wise up more. In the end this is a thankless job if you are not too successful and saved enough for you and your family's future. Be responsible.
Komikon 2007 is almost upon us and I must admit I am sooo behind. Hope people will forgive me when they do get their hands on Tropa#2 and Rambol#3 before November 17 this year.
That's all for now. Will be posting more soon as I am able.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Planet X Comics Grand Opening

Planet X Comics Grand Opening
Saturday, July 7, 2007 (1pm-5pm)Level II,
M2 S-2140e TRINOMAEdsa corner North Ave.Quezon City
Tel. No. 915-2744, 536-8070, 914-0040

Come Meet Special Guest Artists:*
Lan Medina - Penciler (Fables, Punisher, Silver Surfer, Spawn, District X, and more)*
Mico Suayan - Penciler (Moon Knight, Trakk Monster Hunter)*
Edgar Tadeo - Inker/Colorist (Wolverine, X-men, Iron Man, Spawn, and more)*
Carlo Pagulayan - Penciler (Incredible Hulk, Elektra, Emma Frost, Fantastic Four, and more)*
Jeff Huet - Inker (Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four)*
Wilson Tortosa - Penciler (Battle of the Planets, Tomb Raider)

Artists will be signing from 1pm-5pm. The first 50 people in attendance will receive a special print created just for this event. Due to time and space constraints, sketch requests from artists will be limited. Full mechanics on sketch requests to be announced at the grand opening.

For more info, please call 536-8070, 914-0040, or 915-2744

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fan Art from JUN MONARES

A former student and a very good friend of mine just sent me via email his Fan art of Biotrog. Jun is one talented guy who is very good with well rendered and detailed pencil illustrations. Beautiful pencil lines that is so hard to replicate if inked. No longer a rookie, he too is now going strong in his career. Building his very own fan base in the comic field. I now, present to you the art of JUN MONARES.

I'll include this within the pages of Rambol#3, Thanks Jun.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another Tropa preview with inker Boy Sicat!

Another reason to buy issue two is Alejandro Sicat, We call him Boy Sicat, inker for such titles like STONE(Avalon/Image), District X (Marvel). He's one talented fella. I can always see some magic whenever he inks my work. We also worked together for The Saints under Saturn Comics. I trust in his hand and his judgement to give justice to my pencils.
Pencil and colors: Gilbert Monsanto
Inks: Boy Sicat

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tropa preview number 2

Another good reason to pick up Tropa #2 when it hits the shelves soon is LAN MEDINA. Yes, Marvel Comics superstar did several pages for our humble book. Lan is one of the kindest man in local comics. He is very shy in nature but pours everything on paper. he's both dedicated to his profession and to his family. A silent wonderful guy.

There are other reasons why Tropa#2 is special like Gerry Alanguilan, Ed Tadeo, Oliver Castañeda, and other great pinoy artists who did pages and inks for the book. The book symbolizes a certain unity among artists and their love for the medium. I can't get all of them now, but I will contantly do so with the other issues. There are reasons why I did not invite some here...yet. I always consider their strength and would usually cater the scenes for them. I'll show you the no script process I use with these books soon.

I cropped the page to avoid spoiling the story. Sorry about that guys.

Thanks Mr.Medina for the support, for us and the local komiks industry.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Do we really need to change the INDUSTRY or our MENTALITY?

It has been a while since I wrote anything here that is really bothering me for too long now. I know that I was one of them people, who you can call an optimist. Being optimistic gives me the courage to march into impossible odds just to make my dreams reality. I'll always convince myself that everything will always turn out right if you are not doing anything wrong in the first place. That is why i followed my heart and became a comic book artist. For the longest time, I've never been anything but a comic book creator. I've tried everything from writing, penciling, inking, coloring and now even self-publishing. With every step I took, I am always happy to be a part of every title I've worked on. Because I love doing what I've always done, drawing. But being a professional comic artist is not how I started. I've been a READER of comics ever since. That is an essential part of how I understand comics, every part of it. Now, I've read a lot about the POSITIVE side and especially the NEGATIVE side of this industry here in the Philippines, and sadly, they are all true. Imagine going to a National Bookstore to find mangled local titles right in front of you. I gasped thinking they were RAPED!!!! I can only imagine how heart broken these creators feel when they see their hard earned money spent titles in this horrible state. I feel that way, for them and for me. That is how it is today, sadly. I've heard unfeeling comments from people who views themselves a reader, a customer, and the backbone of this industry. What do they have to say? Demands are more like it. Why is your title in english? why is it is Filipino? Why not weekly? Why this why that. But whatever we do to try and entertain the public? They come up with another complain. WHY IN THE HELL DO THEY DO THAT? Are we as a people so rotten not to think of all the hard work and money placed down on the table just to produce the titles they now read? Don't they ever consider how we feel? How we have to twitch and turn our bodies inside out JUST to print those babies? We are the parents of those titles, you tell us how you feel about it, we consider, we plan to give you what you'll need, ALL if we could. MOCK them, we bleed.

The industry is sick, needs medication. Beaten down by discrimination from both ends of the spectrum, the literary side and the artistic side. Yet, always taken by movies and television only to be RAPED yet again by their own brand of injustices. The revisions of unholy concepts just to play god on the poor creators who are trapped with a notion that who ever has the money are the boss. In this, we too suffer.

As for the big question why the price is way too high? I guess you have to find that out for yourselves. Just think about terms like PRINTING COST, DISTRIBUTION, DISCOUNT FOR THE STORE which could go as high as 40% or more. In fact, even if you've managed to sell half of the print run? All the expenses and the leg work done just for these books to make it to the readers is enough to STOP any small publishers, almost better let it die down and stop. Imagine again all the spoilage of mangled copies, not a pretty sight.

We do this out of love. So STUPID for so many to think other wise since, it is all very clear that there is no MONEY. Oh wait, you mean those mini magazines with 98% ads? sorry totally not COMICS to me. And the reprints of old comics running solely because of all the ads? Well, NOT our industry, non PINOYS are not included here. Just to be clear, I'm talking only about the local Komiks here.

With all these obstacle, how can one be optimistic? I know I am not, but that is not the point. It is a matter of principle. We let go now? IT IS OVER! Now, I know alot wants that. That should never happen, we fight! It is not the time to accept defeat. It is time to PUSH BACK! We hold hands as creators, not as individuals with personal grudges, as professionals. Tell them to learn from us, from these mistakes we hope to shape the next generation of Comic creators to be wiser, stronger, more adapt to every scenario.

I don't care if you are against or with us. This is not a request. If you are a komiks lover, by God Prove it! If you can't say anything productive... SHUT UP! If you hate because you are one sad individual... SHUT UP! But if you have solutions, stand up and be heard.

Tapusin na natin ang mga TALANGKA!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


This one is like the other side of the same coin :)

from my friend John Becaro.

Journal Entry: Wed May 2, 2007, 2:49 AM

I STILL LOVE THE FILIPINO KOMIKS INDUSTRYThis is but just a random thought, but I would like to share this to everyone.If there's anything I could say why I love the Philippine Komiks Industry, I would always say BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO. I don't need to explain it coz it's an attachment that I cannot simply measure.If you love something, You will do anything for it. sEE? It's unconditional love no matter what. Free from boundaries.Deep inside attaching to our soul.Yes. Blind as it is. But that's how I love. I see to it that it is more on heart and not more on thinking. Because if we think too much, we will always end up to what is ideal and may sometimes fall into being unreal. Yes. Love Hurts. But that is just a process.A process that will keep us more strong in our journey on what is call life.Regardless, if it is done in different style, Western, Manga or Not; Glossy or newsprint, Black and White or Colored;Tabloid or 8.5 x 11 format; Distributed locally, nationwide, or International; published mainstream or indie; Horror, superhero,Fantasy, real life or Not. Komiks, Comics, Komix or Not. Tagalog or English. Wether it is sold out or not. As long as it is Done for our Filipino People, I don't care, I will still Love the Filipino Komiks Industry.THE PHILIPPINE KOMIKS INDUSTRY DESERVES A CHANCE. If you hate it because there are companies and crews that threats each other as animals, then you must not hate the industry, you hate the people who does it. If you hate what is the current happenings on the industry because it does not meet the ideals, then you must hate the Events that transpired.and not the Industry.THE INDUSTRY IS BUT JUST A VICTIM on events that transpires on it and by some people that surrounds it.Can you see it? IT SUFFERRED ENOUGH, IT DESERVES HEALING AND HELP FROM US. BLAMING THE WHOLE INDUSTRY IS BUT JUST UNFAIR. There are so many people who cared and loved it more than we know.How about them? Do they deserve hate because they belong on this so called industry? Is this a time for blaming each other, now that our Industry needs the enlightened people the most?It all boils down to attitude problem and not on the Industry that deserves to grow.If you think there is a problem on the industry , propose a solution. If you think you hate the industry so much, go out and find other industry coz that will be good for you and would surely distress you. Leave us and we will always find ways to make this industry alive on our own little ways. Who knows in the near future? That's just simple.Expressing hate does not help anything, it just creates another mis- understanding and negative energies that will blocked us to grow and become mature.The best thing we could do for now is we start on our own and do not just rely on this so called "revival" or "industry" that keeps us always into pressure.Learn from the mistakes of the past and do our best not to make it happen again.The Industry is US and will start again on us. Everything we do now will contribute a lot on the upcoming years to come.Believe me, there is hope, it simply starts on us. It is not attainable right now but it will be. A new era of Philippine Komiks Industry has arises even we still did'nt realize it for now.With the awakening of the new generations of comics creators and enthusiasts, there is still a chance and a room for CHANGE.We need more people who love doing Komiks. _For the Love of Filipino Comics.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Hate The Local Comics Industry

I got this from a deviantart account. Wht do you guys think?

I Hate The Local Comics Industry
Evil Princess Laura

For someone who is working in the comics industry, I don't like the things that are going on, or nothing that is going on. Someone really needs to say it, but a lot are scared to do it. So let me be the first to say it.

My industry pisses me off real good.

There, I said it. I frankly don't care anymore if I gather a lot of flak for this statement. But I do care much for the local comics industry, as to make a very bold statement. I have no stake in this article and the situations I will tell, and I am not putting myself on a pedestal here, making myself holy or something. So why should I care very much? Because the local comics industry is hurting itself and my reputation.

Everyone is responsible for what the Filipino comics industry is in its sorry state right now. In just my short stay in the comics industry, a lot of things happened that is making me pissed about our comics industry. From publishing houses to comic artists, from comics distributors to comic buyers, their actions have pissed me off.

Let's be brutally honest. The Filipino comics industry was already on the deathbed ever since the “exodus” of many great Filipino artists to America. A few heartbeat is shown in the era of Funny comics and the Filipino comics industry was finally declared clinically dead after the crash of the Culture Crash Comics. Any comics that published after the Culture Crash Comics is nothing but a feeble CPR attempt. But we will discuss that in another day.

A lot of comics tried to bear the mantle of the Filipino comics industry, but failed. A lot of comics enthusiasts have been telling me that the industry is revived again, with a lot of comics are coming out. Sadly, these comics never last a year or three issues, whichever comes first. Or if I ever see one that is doing well, it is usually a graphic novel format made by an artist that made his/her name internationally. Unfortunately or rather fortunately, that is not what is making me pissed off.

I have encountered publishing houses not doing enough and not supporting the comics enough for it to sell. I have encountered publishing houses using the same distribution channels that are used to distribute sexy magazines. I have encountered opportunist coworkers who are scheming to gain control of the comics. I have encountered comics editors that they don't know what they are doing. I have encountered comics editors that thinks that comics should always have something that readers can learn. I don't know about him, but comics are always entertainment first. If I want to learn something, I read books, I don't read comics to gain IQ points. I have encountered editors that are quick to jump sinking ship when the comic's future is grim, leaving the writers and artists to fend for themselves. Sadly, this is still the tip of the smoking gun. I have encountered artists that only wants to make a quick buck, drawing 10 minutes sketches of characters in various poses on a piece of paper and call it a comic. They never put an effort in making a coherent story, just slap some drawings together in many panels with those characters saying stupid one-liners and call it a comics.

I have encountered artists that are very egotistical, when I criticize their work, they keep saying to me “You can't draw, so shut up and appreciate my drawing.” I have also encountered stupid arguments from artists on both sides. There are those old artists that thinks that "Komiks" should always be made in Tagalog/Filipino and put in cheap paper and sold cheaply. These are also the same type of people who are quick to dismiss the efforts by the people who are publishing manga-esque comics. And there are these new people and younger artists that think that the world revolves around them. They don't study the history of comics in the Philippines and learn from it, they just publish comics based on gut feeling and basing it on how well the anime and manga are doing in the Philippines. Both sides have fair share of idiots.

There are comics distributors that will put local comics in a very low visibility shelf in favor of foreign comics and manga. That puts the local comics industry in another disadvantage when battling against foreign comics and manga when your comics can't be virtually seen. There are also comics distributors that want their logos in the comics or paying them with boatload of money just in order for you to sell your comics through them. A lot of comics publishing houses knows what comics distributors I am talking about, so I am not going to name names. And there are other comics publishing houses that treat other comics publishing houses as competitors. While that is true in business sense, that kind of thinking will hurt the industry much more. In amidst in the sea of pirated anime DVDs, foreign comics and manga, what is needed is all of the local comics is to band and complement each other in order to stay afloat against all odds. Because anyone who thinks their comics will single-handedly revive the local comics industry is stupid. Okay, maybe not stupid, its extremely stupid.

Then there are those kinds of people that read comics only on newsstands. They take a perfectly good copy of a comic, tear apart the wrapping, read it thoroughly, making big creases on the pages, putting oily fingerprints on glossy pages of the comics. And after all that use and abuse, these kinds of people will just put back the comics to the shelf. Unsold. And to make matters worse, if someone also wants to read the comics while someone is reading it, he will grab another copy, tear open apart the wrapping, messing up another good copy. After all is done, they will put back those messy copies to the shelf. And those copies will never be sold. Because, let's not kid ourselves, any kind of person that will buy a messy and ruined copy of a comic is a big idiot.

And there are those kinds of people that will keep complaining that the comics are either too western or too anime for their taste. They kept lashing out at comics publication for not publishing comics with the distinct “Filipino” art style instead of buying comics and supporting the local comics industry. Sheesh, I don't know what these kinds of people have in mind when they are thinking of Filipino art style for comics, but I tell you its not going to be pretty. Even with the local comics boom in 1960's to 80's, the art style used in those kinds of comics are distinctly western. Well, bad news for them. There is no Filipino art style, period, end of discussion. If these kinds of people want “Filipino” art style, they will have to look at Aeta cave drawings.

Sadly, I'm not making this stuff up.

I don't know what exactly needs to be done in order to revive the Filipino comics industry. But if you do care about the Filipino comics industry, then every one of us need to do something about it. Because doing something about it is better than only discussing how to revive the comics industry. That is the only way to fully revive the local comics industry.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The proof of RAMBOL 2

One more week, we got caught up with Holy Week and we had to fix some typos. Also been busy setting up a new business at Marikina Riverbanks Center. Anyway here is a pic of the proofs.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where are they at?

This is a sketch sent by Renie Palo, showing where in SM Manila NBS, copies of Rambol and Tropa are located, not where they should be. We already called them up but until now I guess they did nothing. Sigh. But thanks to this sketch posted here. I guess, anybody who is from Manila now knows where to look. Thanks Renie!
Also, Rambol #2 will be on its way to the printer within the week, finally. So, it won't be long now for copies to hit the stands. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ad nilabas kahapon(MONDAY) sa Libre na newspaper :)

I had to go to and ride the MRT just to get a copy of Libre newspaper, can't find any from the Ortigas stations, the ones I can see are held by passengers, finally at the Shaw station, i found a security guard not holding his copy of Libre. I took the newspaper and pretended to browse and I did find our ad for our Doodle Camp workshop. I decided to ask the guard if i can have that copy for myself, fortunately he said okay with a surprised look on his face. i just don't want to go home ampty handed. the newspaper anyway is free. i just hope he was done reading it.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Komiks Congress? What I think?

I think that it should not be just about one man, who feels that the lead cast of " The return of the King" thing. It is about komiks and how we sell them back to the hearts of our beloved readers. The real lifeline of this Industry. It is not about styles, nor from what group or tribe you are in, especially not about who is better. It is not about seniority either. This is about the future. We've placed our trust in it, that we are doing whatever we can just to achieve and accomplish as much as we have. Don't mess with it.

I think that the real difference from the komiks of today is that they or we since I was once a part of that dark tradition where we were mere contributors of the big companies then, puppets of playing siblings playing gods. Komiks today are done by young, dedicated and should be considered heroes of today. Imagine these creators are not getting much from each herculean step they make just to revive a sleeping giant. When the so called masters turned their backs to work on other more profitable jobs like animation and such when komiks was sick and dying on its knees, we fought harder. They never had the courage to self-publish because they know it is suicide, yet we dove in and took on the challenge. We are the komiks of today. We respect them for who they are and how they inspired us. But for them to claim victory to something they did nothing for a long time? PWE!

Monday, February 26, 2007

More branches to find our komiks

Soon to be found on more NBS branches, Tropa and Rambol Komiks will soon be available at these branches:
Robinson's Place Lipa
Cabanatuan ( NE Pacific Shopping mall)
Robinson's place Iloilo City
Gaisano Mall Davao
SM Batangas
SM Lipa City
SM City Davao
SM City Cagayan De Oro
SM IloiloGaisano City, Bacolod

I think within the week or early next week. Copies will arrive to those branches.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The world doesn't owe YOU anything. Please...

A bit hesitant writing this down but I guess I need to get this out of my chest. Have you ever been called up or texted by your relatives before and the minute you do, you know it is just because they need something from you? My relationship with some of my relatives have always been on Low key most of the time. Everytime they call, I just don't feel good about it. It is just the way they say things I guess, you know like it is just so normal for them to ask favors as if they were asking for candies. When I was a kid growing up, I never really think that any of my relatives supports me, some do but not the way I expect them to, simply because I don't expect them to. I've always wanted for things to look up ever since my parents got separated. I've never asked any of my ninongs or ninangs for help. I've been with lots of different relatives and have always felt like a bouncing ball, always gets passed around. Nothing to complain about though. We all should know by now that a Guest in the house becomes Pests if they over stayed their welcome right? The only real house that I loved growing up with is actually in the slums with my Lola Petra (Mother side) who passed away too soon. She was the only one who believed that I was good and she was determined to guide me, she lead by example. I've always been a naughty boy growing up and I can still remember being so stubborn and would shout back at any elders if I don't get my way. She stayed calm through out those years until I finally came to my senses. My lola is a saint. She told me that people no matter what should not step down on other people, but instead be helped. In that little house made of old wood, I stayed with her together with My uncle and Auntie Nita ( who helped me get the things i need and not what I want. Always be grateful for that.) and my cousins. Funny, I had more fun there than anywhere I stayed. Unlike them, a few of my relatives now tend to think that in some strange ways I need to help them. I don't know why. It really hurts that every time I invite them to parties and such, they would be so busy that you even have to get them a service just to attend. I even have the worst experience that whenever I got sick? Friends and not relatives would help out. When I was experiencing so much back pains and could not move, I called someone for help, he just said, he can't come visit or take me to the hospital because of work. Luckily, the pain subsided. I guess it was due to stress. Most recently someone called up and even told me that she knew about me lending money to my sister. What gall huh? That sister was one and would most probably my best supporter in life and career, she helped me during my lowest times. I would certainly lend her a hand in an instant. My wife, even asked me with much surprise on her face. Why do you care so much for people who is never there for you? A question, I've never entertained until now. To all of you who can read this. Try to remember that relatives are not there for favors. but instead for company, call because you care and not because you need something. Talk about the good time and all the bad. If we do have that kind of relationship, maybe then and only then can we share favors together. I love my relatives, I really do. But I think they should do what I did. Don't ask for too much favors, survive.

Friday, February 16, 2007

TROPA and RAMBOL off to NBS CEBU branches

Just went to the forwarder today and they said that the packages will arrive Cebu by tuesday. So expect to find Tropa and Rambol komiks in National Bookstores there very soon. :) Whew! Still a few more branches to work on.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

TROPA and RAMBOL available in Schools :)

By tomorrow, two new locations will be added where you can find Tropa and Rambol Komiks. Courtesy of POTATO ISLAND located inside San Lorenzo(school)in Laguna and on POTATO REPUBLIC inside Las Piñas College, so you can enjoy your French Fries, Ice cream and our komiks together :) We hope that soon, komiks and school can work hand in hand since during my High School years, our comics was usually got confiscated so we have to always hide them inside our backpacks. Comics are reading materials, pure and simple and should not be seen in any other way that what it is. To promote reading, we should not limit options. We should instead encourage whatever works, especially during this age of arcade games when more and more kids prefer watching and listening over a nice and peaceful reading. Comics IS an Ally. That is our promise.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

TROPA and RAMBOL now available at National Bookstores

We've managed so far to distribute copies to National Bookstores, we are yet to complete our distribution to the far ends of manila and the provinces.

So, Tropa(75 pesos) and Rambol komiks (60 Pesos) are now available at these branches:

SM CITY bicutan, SOUTHMALL, CASA Filipina Arcade, Festival Mall, South Supermarket filinvest, SM Sucat, Jaka Plaza Paranaque, SM Manila, Harrison Plaza, Robinson's Place Ermita, CM Recto, Tutuban Center Mall, SM San Lazaro, Market Market, Q-plaza cainta, Sta Lucia East Grand Mall, Rizal Ave. Manila, Katipunan, Northridge plaze proj.8, SM city North Edsa, Quezon Ave., New Farmers plaza, Ali Mall, Super Branch cubao, Edsa shopping Terminal, Robinson's place Pioneer, Robinson's Galleria, Greenhills,Big R junction, Ever rosario pasig, Raymundo pasig, The Podium, Shangri-la plaza, Megamall bldg.A, Glorietta, and Greenbelt.

We are not sure about the visibility of our products but you can always ask a saleslady. Please do check them out.

To read more about the titles:

We are so new to this business, but we strongly believe in our titles. Our next step is to hold on to those belief of producing quality komiks for more people to enjoy and ... a whole lot of prayers.

Sacred Mountain Publications

Monday, February 05, 2007

RAMBOL cover 2 preview (Alagad Inc. side)

Here is the artwork cover for Rambol Komiks by Kriss Sison :)

Bea and Boy, learn more of them and their early beginnings. This issue will reveal more about the formation of Alagad Inc., these two and why Girl hates(or love?) Boy! :)

Also find out what will happen just to find the champions to face the God's challenge.

Coming very soon from Sacred Mountain!

Writer and colors(internal pages): Gilbert Monsanto
Artists: Kriss Sison and Lui Antonio(flashbacks)

Pag lumabas, 60 pesos pa rin!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

The email that struck like lightning!

Just woke up around 3am, took a nap while finishing Rambol #2 pages. My wife told me, I got mail. I was surprised to see who it was from. Now I truly believe in the power of the internet :)

The email:

Hi Gilbert,

It's only now that I saw your Kapitan Kidlat version which was posted in your blog webite January 2006. I must say it look good. I hope to see your own version in the near future. My father created Kapitan Kidlat especially for young Filipinos like you. If Kapitan Kidlat is the first Filipino Fictional Superhero (pangalan pa lang pinoy na pinoy na!), I can certainly say that you and other young Filipino artists are the first Real Superheroes that's putting the Philippines in the top class of the animate/print comics industries. Keep up the good work.

God Bless!

Leonardo "Bobby" Abutin, Jr
Seattle, Washington USA

Imagine that? Thank you sir for your appreciation towards our efforts. I'll send you a personal reply very soon. Well, I guess I have to hit the sack. Tomorrow's another hectic day and we'll be delivering copies of Tropa and Rambol at NBS branches again, greenhills area I think.

nite nite-- err g'morning na pala hehe.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

RAMBOL issue 2

As requested, here is the preview of RAMBOL komiks issue 2. I hope I can finish all the pages soon, so we can release it within this month of February. Flipbook format, 60 pesos. Featuring two action-packed stories, Gilbert Monsanto's Metropolitan and Alagad Inc. with interior art by Kriss Sison, Lui Antonio and Gilbert Monsanto.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

TROPA and Rambol Komiks Now available at COMIC QUEST!

Finally abled to drop off copies of Tropa and Rambol issue 1 at Comic Quest in Megamall and at Festival Mall, 4th floor yesterday. With every purchase, you'll also get a free poster from Sacred Mountain Publications.

Please visit their stores soon.

Monday, January 08, 2007

TROPA and Rambol Komiks Now available at COMIC ODYSSEY!

Yesterday, we've finally managed to drop off several copies of TROPA #1 and RAMBOL Komiks #1 at Comic Odyssey Robinsons Galleria. I hope new people will check out our titles. Also, I'll be joining Philip Tan when he visits the shop and sign comics for everyone. I am looking forward to see Philip again, who’s doing wonders for SPAWN.
Anyways, we think that Comic Odyssey is a very nice place to find comic treasures. The set-up is neat and very easy to look at, giving comics the highlight they deserve.

Hope to see you guys there!

Comic Odyssey Robinsons Galleria,
Ortigas 3rd Level Expansion Mall
tel. # 914-0040
Sunday, January 21, 2007
From 1pm - 4pm