Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Now available at Druid's Keep

Rambol and Tropa
Now available at
Druid's Keep
3rd Floor, Gateway Mall
(where Rustan's is)Magallanes

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Get Tropa and Rambol by mail!

Great news! You can now get your copy of RAMBOL KOMIKS and TROPA by mail! Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to any nearest BPI bank and deposit the correct amount to the account as shown below. Please write clearly to avoid any errors.

Savings Account Number: xxxxxxxxxx ( due to security reason, please email us a request letter to proceed with the transcation.)

Step 2: Write down your name, complete mailing address, telephone or cel number or email for confirmation on a piece of paper and fax this, together with the validated deposit slip duplicate, to 6556780 or scan the said duplicate and send as attachment via email to smp_letters@yahoo.com

Step 3: Wait for 10 days for a package to arrive.

Remember that when you order Tropa #1 and Rambol #1 as a set, you’ll be receiving a FREE POSTER from Sacred Mountain Publications.


We are still formulating ways to send copies outside the Philippines, so stay tuned!

RAMBOL cover 2 preview

The LAUNCH, a RAFFLE and then SOME

Komikon 2006 was a blast! The launch for both Rambol and Tropa was a success with a lot of positive feedbacks. The place was full of creative geniuses in the field and it is nice to have a chat with most of them while I made my rounds around the area. Aside from selling our komiks, we had a little something for those who would buy from us on that day. We have this small scale raffle just for fun. I prepared an original artwork of BIOTROG for a lucky individual who bought a set of komiks from us.

I know it is not much but I felt that a little token of thanks is required for the support they gave us and our book. So just yeserday, we started the raffle, we designated numbers to each of their names and placed them into a small container. I was actually suprised to see lots of respected comic creators' names on the list. Truly, the comic industry in the Philippines runs on a close and much welcomed support system.

Later within the day we called upon our very own version of a DTI (Darling Toddlers Inc.)representative and he eagerly lent us his hand on picking the winner for the draw.

The winner with a number 10 on his listed name, is none other than Dominique Cimafranca with only his blogsite written on the paper, villageidiotsavant.blogspot.com I'll have to email him to ask him his current address so i can send him the original artwork.

That night, with much energy to spare. i decided to work on the 2nd issue cover for Rambol. During my time working in local komiks, I've always wondered who will win between X-Trooper and Biotrog. In this issue, we will finally know and it won't be a tie unlike the rest of this kind of slug fest story that has been done again and again in Marvel/DC books.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tropa and Rambol Komiks

It is now official! We'll be releasing two titles this saturday at the KOMIKON 2006. Tropa priced at 75 pesos and Rambol Komiks priced at 60 pesos. If you buy one of each together, we'll give you a special Sacred Mountain poster for free! The poster itself is priced 20 pesos if bought separately. Hope to see you guys there.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Sacred Mountain's first baby delivered!

My wife and I, considers Tropa issue1 as just one child to be born before the end of this year. We hope that Rambol issue 1 will be delivered by next week, just in time for the Komikon this year.

The copies of Tropa is finally in our hands. Now we'll need to put them in plastic bags. We're formulating a way for people outside NCR get a copy possibly via snail mail. I'll get into that process soon and post it here soon.

Tropa is a full colored book, 52 pages including the cover and priced Php 75. We hope that people will give our books a try. If everything goes well, and I pray it does. Sacred Mountain will be producing more books to try and help Komiks back into shape. I've heard alot of exciting titles coming out this year from other fronts like Alamat, Mango Comics, Komikero and other studios and I hope that Komiks will once again be more visible and available to more readers. These are all good signs.

Kita kits sa Komikon!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My answer to another letter.

Good day sir!

You may have heard or read this question a million times, but how does one get to apply to be an artist in the local comic book industry. I dont have any one to back me up. Just plain old hard work.


My answer:


There are several ways to break into comics:

1.) Self-publishing- More and more publications now are looking into those independent titles. Because they can really look at your work in a finished and polished format. This is beneficial to you as well. You'll get your very own signature product. This will also be your testing ground, if you'll have a fan based audience who will support you with other and future projects.

2.) Create your own gallery on the web. Easy access to potential publishers, try to open an account, either a Deviantart or a simple blog to showcase your work. Your goal is to entertain possible readers of your work.

3.) Join a group, there is power in numbers. Working with people can really help you improve. It will also be a rewarding experience since most artists are loners. Social skills should be encouraged.

4.) Whenever people say that you need more practice, that means you need to learn more about your weakness and strength. Improvement is the key word. If you'll practice and practice doing the same routine? Chances are, the results will be the same. Try new things, if you've mastered a technique, move on and work on new techniques until improvements are evident. You'll know because people around you will tell you exactly that.

5.) Dedication- Comics is a lifestyle. If you are going to try this out of curiousity or as a hobby, do so. But, be quick to stop if you feel it is not working out. Because if it does not work out the way you want it to happen? It never will. it takes a lot of heart to stay in this business. It will only get easier if you love doing comics.

Hope that helps,
Gilbert Monsanto

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

RAMBOL proofs

I think Rambol will also make it this Komikon, Yehey!! Here are the proofs. I think the copies of Tropa will be delivered within the week. There's so much to do after that. I am working on issue to as we speak. Hope to see you guys this Oct. 21 at the Komikon. More updates soon.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The proofs

Presenting the proofs for Tropa. Because of the Storm Milenyo, the printing is taking more time to finish than expected. I'll post in more images of Rambol very soon as well. Let us just hope that at the end of next week, the copies will be delivered to us.
As Milenyo was doing its damage on us all. My PC was also affected by the storm as a result ruined four fully colored pages that I had no choice but to redo all those pages. Now, all we can do is wait and see if RAMBOL komiks can make it to Komikon 2006 as well.

More updates soon.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Rodel Timbreza is the lucky recipent of an original art from me. His request? Thunderstone. I created this character in 1991, if I am not mistaken, and I am surprised he even remembered Thunderstone. Here is the pencilled art I made for Mr. Timbreza. I've decided to ink this one as my publisher won the arguement that the art will last longer inked. :)
Unfortunately, he forgot to write in his mailing address. I've already sent him an email about this and will just wait for his reply before we send this thru mail.

Thanks to everyone who participated and for those who haven't yet, you can still send in letters to smp_letters@yahoo.com. We'll probably send an original art within the next month if more emails came in.

Thanks again,
Gilbert Monsanto