Friday, April 19, 2013

Ways to uplift the Komiks industry that some don't want to hear. part 3 " I did it my way."

( before you proceed, remember that this is all about the Philippines. Any opinion outside the country might not be valid.)

 The technical know how is also a factor most local creators seems to avoid learning. To think that we are a close-knit and not that big community, one would think people will talk about this and use them to their comics right?... No.

 According to a mythical rule, we tend to " DO IT MY WAY." or else maybe... this is just a hunch, maybe they would think less of me as a creator. 

 Identity is one thing, but making a mess because you don't want to be like anybody else is quite unreasonable. Comic fonts? use comic sans because you just want to? 

 As creators, we want to send out a good vibe message to our readers. We do make mistakes. I know I do, the more reason why I still ask for help from my fellow creators, and the more reason why new comers should do too.
I've been doing this for years yet I feel that most new comers feel they are really ready to take on the world.

 Randy Valiente mentioned that the old comic folks are having a hard time understanding the new komiks world. I believe that the komiks we worked for years have different dynamics. We work with editors, we get rejected or we get paid. Simple reasons why we have to learn more things because if pages gets rejected, no pay. We get published for readers nationwide to see our work and read our comics. It is the same routine every week. We don't have comic convention then. Readers would send us snail mail and not email. Today, nobody gets rejected. The creators have complete control over their comics. This is both good and bad for the industry. Good that komiks will be expressed freely, raw and as the creators had intended it to look. Bad, because if the readers rejects them. That title will be another failed attempt.

 Now, imagine every year filled with new titles because failed attempts usually just gets to stop while the creator just makes new titles. That might not be a healthy practice.

 I have seen great titles with creators expanding their knowledge in the field and I am happy to say that they have been successful so far. I do hope more creators follow their footsteps.

 I am only writing about this because I think people needs to know. If they listen, that would be great. If they choose to still do it their way? of couse... good luck.

-Gilbert Monsanto