Thursday, July 28, 2005


Your Birthdate: April 1

Your birthday suggests that are executive ability and leadership qualities in your makeup.

A birthday on day 1 of any month gives a measure of will power and self-confidence, and very often a rather original approach.

This 1 energy may diminish your ability and desire to handle details, preferring instead to paint with a broad brush.

You may be sensitive, but your feelings stay rather repressed.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

DIGMAAN page 34

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Hi, I'm Gilbert Monsanto and I'm a COMICS ADDICT:)

Addicted to COMICS, as in comicbooks.

This just came to me when I entered Druid's Keep to finally get our latest fix of comic book issues. I was a bit shaky, the aircon was not too cold. I guess its been a while since I got a hold of a comicbook, been working on them for a long while now. Being a comic book illustrator professionally for 15 years now. But I have been a comic addict since I was a kid. Although I can't always afford to buy my own copies back then, I can always go to my cousin to read his comics there or go to National Bookstore to browse.
I can't categorize myself as a collector either, I've always believed that the only way to truly enjoy an issue is by reading them over and over again. My wife's collections are near mint, mine on the other hand, ain't.
So, when can I say it all started? What is the farthest memory can you recall as a kid? I always claim that it was a red thing, like I was in womb or something. But as far as I can recall, the most memorable one? would be a green skinned monster called hulk. I can't read then, I was too young. My big brother George mentions all the names and I would memorize the logo. So the sound hulk translate into H U L K the image, because I can see those letters on the cover.
I would sneak out an issue from Kuya George's box and read them in our attic, if you can call a room near the entrance to our three storey small building/home roof an attic. For sure I can't understand the words written but I sure can understand each and every images drawn inside ever panel. The army wants hulk but Hulk SMASH!!! This is my first encounter with story telling. It got me hooked and my brother angry when he found out I was reading his precious books :)

(end of part 0ne)

The day I became FEMALE!

What the Fu-! I went with my Father in-law to NKTI in Quezon City last week to get some medical tests. The usual things like x-ray, blood and urine tests. Because I was new and have no previous records there, I need to get the pink card and register. I have not eaten for 12 hours by then but I know I was not whoozy or anything to make a mistake. So, we got the test results by Friday. When I got the print out of the results, it says there that my gender was female! Argh! What? a female went ahead to check if her prostate was okay? Damn that lady clerk who put down on their main computer my false gender. So, I went there and have my information changed, another guy changed it for me. But these tests that are already printed? well, I'll just ignore them I guess.

They got my name right this time, but I became female for a day this time around.

What's next? Aaargh!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


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This is an ad for Alagad Inc., I hope I can find a way to publish this soon. I am restraining to showcase the pages online. Kriss Sison is now busy doing pages for Seven Seas. I hope I can still afford him, if he'll be able to continue issue 2 for me. I was able to color the 5 pages already before Atlas pulled the plug on ATX and RAM, I decided to wait a little longer for a better time to put this project out, hopefully with a better publisher.

Written and created by: Gilbert Monsanto
Art: Kriss Sison

Monday, July 18, 2005

Sunday, July 10, 2005

the FANTASTIC FOUR movie - my honest opinion

my wife enjoyed it, and that is all I really need to know :) Us comic geeks have so many expectations that we forget that there are millions of the not so comic readers around. Not all our cares are theirs. I think they handled it well.

There are boundaries in movie making, unlike comics where anything is possible. It is not perfect but I am not so disappointed. It was not boring, and all the elements are there. You just have to listen closely I guess.

I just don't understand why Alicia here is a beautiful black lady and not, you know, like in the comic book.

Watch this and simply enjoy the ride.

I know, the stuffs they changed, I am not blind. I am just not such a purist anymore I guess.

I have been trying not read what movie critics have to say about upcoming movies, most especially comic-inspired films.

Reason 1: I am not this guy, I have to watch it first before I can give my honest opinion. Honestly? I usually disagree.

Reason 2: Most of these critics just want to ruin it for the movie goers and want to feel good and right. Hey, if they said it's a bad movie and it's on print, maybe they are right, right? wrong! People who believe them first? are easy targets in my book.

Reason 3: We all have our standards. What's good for me,might not be good for some people and vice versa. Opinions are never open for any debate of all sorts. It is like religion, I guess.

About the Thing's appearance- Have you seen the very first issue of fantastic four? That is exactly what the thing looks like and not the look he is drawn now. If you are a purist, you have to respect this and hope that he will evolve after hopefully in coming sequels to the movie. Just like Iceman looking more like a snowman in the old days :)

Doc Doom- It is a very different Doom but to try and squeeze in a separate origin story is an impossibility this film just can't afford to risk. Can you sit and watch for more than four hours just for an accurate rendition of him?

The Human Torch is cool... eh Hot? I kept thinking what fun it would be if he guest starred in a Spiderman movie. Now that would be so funny just like in the comic pages.

The way they defeated Doom is the way it should be. Just like in the comics, that is a faithful scene from the book.

How do I rate this film? I won't. All i can say is, say something about the movie, good or bad, after and only after seeing the movie. Whatever you say about it then? You can never be wrong. Because it is your opinion and yours alone.

Keep it real folks :)

Friday, July 08, 2005

Double check the Ice Creams you buy.

A few weeks ago, my father in-law bought Ice creams. When we opened one of them and started eating, I noticed that it was not the flavor that is on the label. We think that a buyer switched the labeled covers so he can buy a higher priced flavor for less. So, next time before buying your favorite Ice Cream from the grocery, please check the content of the can first.

Just a friendly reminder to consumers :)

RAM page 27

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RAM page 26

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RAM page 25

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Monday, July 04, 2005

DIGMAAN page 27

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Saturday in Quiapo 2

Saturday morning after going to Quiapo church, my wife went window shopping in those shops where you can supposedly buy stuffs cheaper. We found out that that is not the case, all the time. We bought baby stuffs and found out that it was cheaper inside SM megamall dept. stores. Ack! We learned our lesson to canvass first before buying.

Well, here is another interesting note. We have stopped buying pirated stuffs for a long long time now. But, we suddenly found DVD concert series. We should have not bought these products without any good reason. Here is a reason that might surprise you.

A few years ago, my wife bought an ORIGINAL vcd of Barbra Streisand "Timeless" concert. She was not satisfied. A lot of scenes were not included. Maybe, due to lack of space sa CD. Now, we have found this pirated DVD version and It included everything!!! Great resolution as well. Cheaper price pa. They tell us that the original is better so please stop buying the pirated one,right? That is NOT the case here. Now, who is kidding who? I think the original is the bad copy, the original is the cheater and robbed us our money. So, we bought the pirated version thinking, hey we also have the unsatisfying ORIGINAL as well anyways. We call it quits.

We don't buy the pirated copies because it is bad. but buying bad quality original copies? That is just... crazy.

DIGMAAN page 26

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DIGMAAN page 25

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Finally was able finish fresh pages of DIGMAAN. Enjoy, will be posting two more pages in a little while.

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