Saturday, February 26, 2005

Friday, February 25, 2005

Wonder Woman inked

Here is the inked piece :) I used sharpee and a technical pen.

WW sketch

A little practice for the day, I'll ink and post this... until its finished with colors. I'm just bored I guess.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Her beauty is death

Introducing the latest villainess for the Saints. She is deadly, very deadly indeed.

saints covers

Just want to show you guys some of my latest work. This is "the Saints" from Saturn Comics. I did the cover for #2 and on #3 took over as penciller and colorist. Still waiting for issue 4 to be released, hopefully soon :). I am now working on it's 5th issue where I will be pencilling, inking and coloring the whole book.

For more info on the books and possible orders, just email Mr. Kevin Nagel:

I'll post in more images soon.
-Gilbert Monsanto

Monday, February 14, 2005

trying to assemble GALACTUS

Yesterday, my wife and I purchased several Marvel Legends toys (GALACTUS SERIES). Unfortunately, we missed two figures. Bullseye and Deathlok. The hobby sellers got to them first, ultimately they will resell them for 1000 pesos. Geesh, the original retail price is 400. Aaarghh! They can even get them toys before they hit the rack it seems. I just hate it. Forcing true collectors to buy them for a higher price.

I'll look in the internet if it would be cheaper to buy them there, we'll just let them send it to relatives in the states.


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I'm in my country's history. In stamps!

Last night, Gerry Alanguilan called me up on my cellphone. He asked why I haven't told him about the Darna stamps? I said, what stamps? He told me then that he found out that recently some komiks images was printed in stamps. A number of great artists were included like Nestor Redondo.

Surprisingly, the cover that I did for Mango comics was one of the images. It was the Darna issue 3. Funny, considering as a kid, I used to collect stamps :) Now I am in one, actually, my work is now in one. This is a blast to be a part of my country's history. It feels more important to me than to win any award.

I know in the future there will be more artists like me to be featured there. But, for now I am so happy to see my work on a friggin stamps!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

A week without my wife.

Monday to Friday, my wife Glenda is on a company conference in Boracay. Too bad, I can't be there where we had our honeymoon. I have to look after our cute 10 month old baby Kyle :) My boy misses his mom. At night, Glenda usually calls us on the cellphone and I let Kyle hear her voice. He would go NNda! NNda! that is short for Glenda. My fault actually, he hears me call her mom Glenda :) So he calls me Dada while he calls his mother by her first name. I could usually stay up later that 12midnight when she's around. Now, I have to sleep earlier with Kyle beause he wakes up at 11 and won't go back to sleep without me. That's okay, I love being with my kid. Tommorrow, she'll be back and the both of us will be happier again. And I'll be able to get back to working late :) We miss Glenda.(sigh)

EROS inside the pages of BLITZWORX mag

Blitzworks will be featuring My very own Eros character. It will be a 7 issue series. 10 pages for each installment. I hope they can finally print this February though.

Created/Written and Colored by: Gilbert Monsanto
Pecils: Ryan Orosco
Inks: Roy Allan Martinez (wicked,Wonder Woman)