Tuesday, October 14, 2008


As I write this, I can't help to be emotional. We got this yaya from an agency. a few weeks ago. She claimed that she was the yaya for one of Lucio Tan's grand children. So, we thought that if she came from that family, she might be a wise choice. We were sooo wrong. So wrong that we did not know that she would hurt Kyle from behind our backs and even taunted another yaya not to say anything. The yaya gave in finally and exposed this BAD EVIL yaya. We talked to our son and all the horror came out. She would hit, put pillow on his face and even strangle him a bit every chance she got. I let her go not knowing all the facts. How I wish I knew more. But just as well, because I could never imagine how I could hurt this evil person.
I am doing this now, with the hope to prevent her to hurt another baby. Please, if you hired this yaya. Keep an open eye. She could have killed my child.
I pray for the safety of your child.
Her name is Evangeline "VANGIE" Salamat

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bayan Knights

Standing L-R Joriben, Omi, Mark Shoti, Wan, Gilbert, Mike Boy Ipis, Redge, Aaron, Levy and Jash
Seated L-R Myke, Rhiver, Gio, Robin, Ner, Erico

We are one! nuff said.