Monday, January 26, 2009

Bayan Knights #1 - is now available at the following stores:

National Bookstore - Recto
National Bookstore - Tutuban
National Bookstore - Rizal Avenue
National Bookstore - San Lazaro
Robinson's Galleria - Best Sellers
National Bookstore - Sta Lucia East
National Bookstore - Trinoma
National Bookstore - SM City North
Comic Quest - SM North Edsa
Comic Quest - SM Megamall
National Bookstore Cyber One - Eastwood City
National Bookstore Glorietta
National Bookstore- Market Market
National Bookstore- North Ave.
National Bookstore- Q Plaza
Comic Oddyssey- Robinson's place ermita
Comic Oddyssey- Robinson's Galleria
Comic Oddyssey- Glorietta
Comic Oddyssey- Eastwood City
Dynes Salon and Spa - Main branch
#21 Paso de Blas, Valenzuela City
tel.# 444-78785
Dynes Salon and Spa - Malabon branch
#34 Governor Pascua Ave. Acacia Malabon
tel.# 287-64354
Dynes Salon and Spa - Fatima branch
119 McArthur Hi-Way, Marulas, Valenzuela City
tel.# 445-8885
National Bookstore - Harrison Plaza
National Bookstore - Ermita
National Bookstore - SM Manila
National Bookstore - Metropoint
National Bookstore - Megamall
National Bookstore - Greenhills Missouri
National Bookstore - C. Raymundo
Carmen Philcoa newstand -near jeepney terminal to U.P.
National Bookstore - Ever Gotesco Ortigas
National Bookstore - SM Cebu
National Bookstore - Mango Plaza
National Bookstore - Ayala Cebu
National Bookstore - Bohol Island City Mall
Cartimar- stall C-40 pasay city

I'll update the list as we deliver copies to more stores,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Friday, January 02, 2009


To be continued in english, the word itutuloy means a lot to me. As a man of comics I usually end my serials using this word, meaning this is not the end.

As I start the year 2009 I think of this word. I have no intentions of stopping any of my goals in life and most especially my projects. 2008 was a year when I thought to my self, before this year ends, I'm going to do something meaningful. The year went okay for me. I had a few bumps here and there but nothing too tragic until the last few months when we had a miscarriage.

I am happy just to have accomplished a few breakthroughs, like our trip to San Diego Comic Con and got to talk to some DC editors that said real neat stuffs about my work. Meeting people who are dear to me at the con was certainly a treat. Our vacation to hawaii was tiring but worth it. As my wife would tell me a zillion times during a trip. It might be a while before we could do this again, so let's fill up our schedule with things to do while we are here.

Our publishing venture was a bit slow, but moving. We manage to publish three issues within the year so I guess that is quite an acchievement for me. But, something I'll always be proud of had finally came to fruition. That is, BAYAN KNIGHTS. The title was supposed to be for a book I was thinking of where all my characters won't be overdressed for a real feel story. But I decided to us it to this new project where I asked some of the most creative people I know to join me and create a book for one purpose alone. To help each other. Something that was never done before in local comics. No politics, no barriers, no nonesense, just plain selfless act of heroism between my brothers and sisters in the comics community.

We've met a lot of heroes that also share our dream to revitalize the local comics scene. But I'd like to say thanks to Edgar Tadeo, Rain Beredo and Mark Taduran for helping the Bayan Knights with our cover. Bless you guys!

Komikon 2008 was also a very memorable event. People can only wish that we could do this more often :) All the new titles that came out? there are no specifics, all of them are important. From the smallest and youngest creators to the best we could offer, I congratulate you for all your efforts and love for the medium. Thanks for keeping the flame and dream alive guys!

2008 came and ended but not my dreams, not my work, I plan to push harder. Some might think, what is this guy thinking? The dream might be to big for him. All I can really say to that is, if I can, then I will. Nothing really special to what I am doing, but if it could make a difference, why stop me? Let me be. You could ignore me or join me, either way I'll continue.

So 2009 for me is not a new start and everything else? ITUTULOY!