Tuesday, March 23, 2010

house fire ALMOST! Thank God!

Last night our house almost burned. Thankfully my wife smelled something funny, hearing her saying something about a funny smell. I quickly looked around for a burning smell. Then we heard a pop! Our nanny saw an orange light outside their room, i realized it was fire, so I ran as fast as I could alerting everyone, luckily the hose was there at the exact location and we managed to stop the flames.It was scary. There are a lot of fire incident recently, thank god we've prevented this one. It seemed that a worker forgot to unplug a water heater, we are not sure why the heck did she left it there in the first place on top of a box and inside the box was an old cpu, that is gone now, burned badly. So please be careful guys. Never leave something like this unattended.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Bayan Knights under a dark Ondoy sky

This is my humble contribution to the Renaissance "ang muling pagsilang" book. A charity book together with 60 super talented pinoy artists. I recommend you buy this book. It is for a good cause and I am hearing that this is just the beginning.

published by ANVIL publishing Inc.