Saturday, February 06, 2010

This used to be my playground.

Yesterday, my wife and I visited my Mom who lives in Pasay City. Our meeting place is at Greenwich in Cartimar. I lived in Pasay city during my younger days, and I can still remember Greenwich as our favorite place to eat pizza. I guess it was one of there first few branches if not maybe the first. I'm glad it is still there. Anyways, after ordering I excused myself to go out. I brought my camera to take some picture of this place. This was our home.

I can still remember we used to have a Beauty shop here for my mom and an Auto Supply at the front of this building for my Dad. We lived here for years, I think until I was 10 before my parents got separated. This used to look a lot bigger when I was small. A 3-storey building with an attic amd we also have a door to the rooftop where we usually play. The scene would be similar to a daredevil panel where we go from our roof to our neighbors roofs. This was home, and our playground.

This window is what I used to call my nightmare window. I usually have bad dreams where a manananggal was trying to get in thru the grills. I blame that to the movies where I during those times has no strict ratings. I was like grade 3 when I watched Jaws and Phantasm. I'd never admitted it to my folks but it definitely gave me the cold sweet and had nightmares for several nights. Luckily, I manage to control my dreams by forcefully pulling in my favorite superheroes, and mad them beat up my monsters. Did it work? Hell yeah!

I know I could draw the inside of this place so easily. I was sad to see it in a bad condition. After, we left it. only two tenants tried to do business here. All the guards left, they say the guard never stayed inside during the night and would prefer to sit outside. Over the years and this is what it looks like today. I think you already know why don't you? The answer is yes. It is haunted. That is another story maybe for another time.

All I know is that I missed living in a place where we were once a complete Monsanto family.