Thursday, May 29, 2008

Update on M3 this coming Saturday!

Our New booth Number is C-18.
Sacred Mountain Publications will be with
Gio Paredes(Kalayaan)
Gener Pedrina(Sanduguan)

Please do visit us there this Saturday, May 31, 2008
at the SMX, Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

Sketches for only 250 pesos.
free 3 minute sketches for any one who will buy 3 items from our booth.

Big Thanks for the Mangaholix group!

-Gilbert Monsanto

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bisita sa Brewrats

Nagguest kami nung May 21 sa Brewrats. Kasama ng Sacred Mountain Publications ang Point Zero. Thank you Tado, Dj Angel at Ramon sa nakakatuwang gabi.

L to R: Jon Zamar, Michael David, Melvin Calingo, Gilbert Monsanto, Ramon Bautista, Renie Palo at Levy Ramirez

Tagalog ngayon, tinatamad ako mag ingles :)

COVER MOCK up part 2

This time with the logo I designed :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trying on the SMP shirts :)

The T-shirts have arived, Just 76 pcs. all in all. So I hope people will grab one quickly, come this 31st at the Mangaholix Manga Mania event.

Available sizes, xs, s, m, and L
White shirts for 200 pesos
and Black shirts for 225 pesos only.

Apologies for the all the XL people. But you can still place an order at the booth for the next printing. :)

Our booth is D-16, near the entrance. See you there guys!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The painted version

Tropa and Rambol komiks available in Marikina!

If you are living in or near marikina and you are looking for Tropa and Rambol Komiks. Visit this place :)

LIMITADO dressed to kill & other things 57 N.Roxaz st. brgy Kalumpang Marikina....
malapit kme sa Sanroque Elem Skul, or china trust bak kalumpang... from marcos h-way goin staLU.. lampasan mu ang mall tas U turn pabalik cubao.... after
caltex my kalsada ryt ka dun...konting dre tsoooo lang... dyarrraaannnn...left
side Limitado... katabe ng freestyle barber shop.... tapat ng queen annie
store. open kme 3pm onwards.

It's Arvin "TADO" Jimenez's shop.
Listen to their Radio show mon-thursday 9pm-12mn- The BrewRATS 99.5 campus fm

BrewRats logo by Renie Palo

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Something new...

A joint venture with Arnel Abeleda.

Note: Just a mock up cover, changes will be made.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

BACK END DEALS--- anyone?

I have had it. I have to announce that I do not accept back end deals. I have always been willing to help people especially young creators but they do not seem to get the word investment. Artists are people too, we work and we need to get paid. Not AFTER the release of a book, but DURING even BEFORE.

I received an email with this kind of setup, I'll post here what it read but won't expose the writer's name so so he does not need to react. Generally I usually get this kind of deal that I am now sick of seeing.

the terms read:
Here's my terms. 1. You must work with me for at least one year, you MAY work with others too, but you have to remain working with me as well. 2. As long as we are working together, I MAY post any work that you've done for my book on the web, this is strictly for publicity, nothing else, I'M NOT TRYING TO CHEAT YOU!! I'm only trying to boost our success. 3. I WILL pay you a price of anywhere between 60-70$ USD per page for my book, "xxxxx." 4. You will not recieve any payment for the book until TWO WEEKS after the book is released, after two weeks, you will receive anywhere between 60-70$ USD for every page that you did. 5. You must meet all deadlines. 6. If you do not meet the expectations I have for you, or if any part of this agreement is not followed, this contract is null and void. If you have any questions or disagreements, let me know. Oh, and if you need me to, I will buy supplies for you. Hope this goes well.
Two years? and if you don't or took a break, you won't get nothing, even if you produced a thousand pages for the book.

The words saying that he is not trying to cheat me, seems to me that MAYBE he is or he might.

the release of a book is very very flexible, what if he won't or can't? What all the work for free?

Meet your expectations? well, you have not met my expectation for you to pay up front also.

Please creators! If you can't afford to do a book, don't go looking for cheap or naive artists to work on your book that may cause grief to these poor souls. Go to family members perhaps?

I hope this is clear, NO MORE BACK END DEALS.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Learn comics through comics.

How do we really learn making comics? Is it by learning how to do portraits? paint a tree? Learning to draw, you DO need to draw the real world. But creating comics is quite different for me. There are no straight rules. There are some modifications and even exxagerations to make an interesting comics. Even if I can draw really good, I may not be a great storyteller. Like I said before, You'll learn by living the life. As a kid growing up, I've seen and tried to copy all sorts of style while I was reading comics. I know the names of the artists I admire and can identify which one is who's work just by looking at the strokes of their art. In fact, the changes in style from Jack Kirby to John Byrne to Jim Lee is one of the evidence that style evolves in comics, Each style give out an era in comics. Even the tools being used is an outstanding giveaway.

Comics has its own special quality that only and only comics can give. Some people may think that it may be limiting and they'd rather do animation or doing a movie to tell a story. But that is where the real challenge is, telling a complete story with just so much space. That is why we call our idols, comics geniuses. I learned from them, not by talking to them personally but through their works.

If you could ask anyone from the professional community if they have ever copied from comics before? The aswer will be YES! I don't see why we should change that tradition. That is where evolution unfolds right before our very eyes. It is something beautiful when I can see one artist developed a new style by merging not 2 but sometimes 4 different styles or even more and will end up with something that is really unique.

Now, developing a style is very tricky process and sometime soon, you will have to stop looking at other people's work, if you feel that you are truly ready to do so. This way, real time influences will be avoided. By doing this, you will be able to draw without references. In time you'll see, a new style will be born.

We do need references almost always, but mostly for backgrounds items and all the props.

Jon Zamar's Digmaang Salinlahi now ONLINE!

click here
Check it out!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SMP Tshirts

For more info you can email us at if you want to order.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Trying out a new approach to my art

Trying out a new style. This is done within 3 hours, not yet perfected, ink washing needs patience :) Colored using photoshop but with a different approach.

Hope you guys like it.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


June 14-15, 2008

click the link for more about the event :)

click here

Learning Comics is not like KUNG FU

The last time I was with Gerry, he asked if I'd like to teach again. Got me thinking and remembering about the good 'ol LEARN days. Teaching for Whilce Portacio's comics creation course is one experience so dear to me. At first, when he pushed me almost literally to teach for his class. I was reluctant and nervous to face the students who have so many expectations coming there. Some were surprised to find that I was the one to continue the class. It was funny that when I finally started drawing, someone from the class asked if I was Gilbert Monsanto. I said yes, and like a sigh of relief some cheered that I was BIOTROG! Actually that meant I created Biotrog. Instantly some of them placed their trust that this going to be a great session. After six years working on the local komiks scene, that was the first time that people actually acknowledged that they knew my work personally. I have received fan mails during the early 90's in the publications where I worked but this is different. I was there in person as they were, and they are now giving their trust in me. Luckily, I was teaching in behalf of Whilce's teachings. It was easier that way. The first few sessions was tough and well, I felt just teaching by the book was enough. I am not sure they can follow all the techniques presented to them.

I then realized something. It is not like KUNG FU. If I teach them the snake style, they won’t come out using snake style. There are too many factors in comics that if we try to enumerate all they needed to learn it almost impossible. I then changed the focus of the class. Instead of teaching what they cannot possible do. I tried to explore what they are capable of now, and try to point them towards that direction. In one classroom I would ask them if there was a position in comics they wanted to be, what would that be? Guess, what is the popular answer? Almost all wanted to be a penciller. Every class it was the same. It was clear that most of them are into this because of two things, fame and money.

So, I would run some tests secretly to find out what they can do, how far are they with those skill. Some are so reluctant when I try to convince them to ink or write or try to change their precious style. In fact, some would just walk out. Luckily a few returned to finish the class. Some are rich kids who just can't seem figure out why the hell they have to work for the class; they have parties to go to. Some are poor but managed to save enough just to try his luck thinking he might find something along the way. Slowly, even if they are not so happy not being the penciller. I was able to find out who they should be at the moment. I told them, “Did you know that Whilce Portacio started as an inker? " Some still thought I was joking just trying to convince them to try something they don't want to do. The truth is I knew that after the class, most of them will turn their backs and will be working on different fields of work. Not for me to say, they'll just have to learn that for themselves.

For those I think deserves to be checked out? I usually scatter all their works on my table hoping that Whilce will see something there, who knows he might discover a few of them and could get a job doing comics. It did work; the lucky few are now successful doing comics. The best thing about LEARN located inside Megamall is that everyone is welcome. People from different schools, age, gender or even nationalities are welcome to learn there.

Actually, I found my beautiful wife there, it is always so funny when we get asked where we met and our reply would be in megamall. Maybe you are wondering, no. I did not court her when she was still my student, all the romance happened after, when she was studying aikido lessons, she was no longer my student so it was ok. She even ignores me during classes because according to her I seemed to be very cocky at times and even uncaring. I do that actually on purpose. I have this policy when I was teaching, ignore this class and you will be ignored by it. I will only remember your names if your work with your signature shows some promise. Because that is how comics work, we remember talents when their work interests us enough for us to look up their names on the credits.

In the end, a few made it big and some did not. I wish I could have done more for them. In truth, some of them might think that the school did not meet their expectations. But it was never about the Kung Fu, it was all about them, all unique individuals. Learning comics is not by knowing all the terminologies and all the tricks, it is by living it. Comics making needs only one thing... your heart.

I just hope that whatever they took from those classes have helped them in some small ways with the choices they make today.

As for teaching again? Want to learn? just ask me.

M3 2008

We'll be at the Mangaholix Manga Mania '08 which will be held on a saturday, May 31st at SMX, mall of ASIA.

Sacred Mountain Publications will be with Gio Paredes and Gener Pedrina. So, I guess you can call us the G3 since Gilbert starts also with G hehe.

Will be selling comics there including Tropa#2, our latest installment.

Sketches anyone?

If you want to request sketches please email me at 300 pesos each. I think this is for the best since I won't be rushing artwork during the actual event.

We are working this one out. If anyone want to pre order please do email us as well. I'll update you more on this.

Monday, May 05, 2008

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (late entry)

As always, I'm late with this entry hehe. Last saturday, I went to Comic Oddyssey Galleria for the Free Comic Book day 2008. I never imagined how long the line will be during a day like this, it was a looooong blockbuster like line. I decided just to hang around and talk to my buddies. I did manage to purchase Budjette Tan's Trese. It is a lovely book, the look and all. Also, got Graphic Classics from Gerry Alanguilan. It is always fun to go to an event like this, meeting with friends in a single place all at the same time seemed like a big party. Sandy and Co./family are always so warm with people.

It is evident that the free comic book day was a smashing success!

Congrats Comic Oddyssey!