Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Images for Digmaan

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I did this image a few years ago. It was 2001, and I was thinking of a way to revive the local comic industry.
This is ZUMA as he is being cast out of Bathala's kingdom. "You are not welcome here bringer of chaos. All the gods here only has selfless acts to stir man to who they are meant to be, while you only have selfish needs."

Zuma swears to avenge his shame by punishing all mankind whom Bathala loves so much.

In truth, ZUMA is an Aztec god reincarnated and without a race to follow him, he is a complete lonely stranger. He has a lot of children from different women, mostly if not all, taken by force.

Now, He will reveal his most evil scheme yet. So, always visit this blog every week to find out.

ZUMA is created by Jim Fernandez

-Gilbert Monsanto

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

How hard is it to spell MONSANTO?

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I have always been wronged several times already ever since I started in this business. Strangely, I has something to do with my surname. Yes, my surname is MONSANTO. Simple enough to say or write don't you think? But believe it or not, my very first writing gig at a local publication (GASI), the artist got the surname wrong. Pol Niño, yup the brother of Alex Niño. got my name wrong. It became... Tada! MASANTO! Great! I thought. Now I had to show my manuscripts to my friends just to tell them and make them believe that I got published! I just don't get it, whenever I have to pay to a cashier and they ask about my surname? they go Montano? Monsato? or whatever variation most people can think of. Recently, it happened again without fail. First I got artboards through the mail from EON.com provided by John Schlim. I scanned it to show it here to you guys. What do you know, I am now Mr. Mousanto. A friggin mouse? A few days later, I got an order form from the Philippine Postal Corp., which my friend Aries Mendoza got them stamps for me, (thanks pal.) Now it says here "Darna by MOSANTO of Yonzon's Mango Comics) Aaargh! Now everyone who will read this will not know the right spelling of my name. Sigh! The frustration continues! That is the reason I call my blog Santomon's name, It always gets mixed up.

How about you? can you spell MONSANTO? :)

DIGMAAN page 2

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DIGMAAN page 1

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Will post two pages every wednesday. Enjoy folks!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Fan Comics Online

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Within the week, I'll be starting my very first online comics. I've been keeping a storyline in my head for years now. I feel that this blog will finally help me release all the load out of my head. There will be surprises ahead and please remember that this is a Fan comics. All the rights to the characters' may not be mine but the story Idea is originally my own. No profit for me, just pure fun!

I'll call it FANATIKOMIKS.

See you in a few days.
-Gilbert Monsanto

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


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Promised my friend I'd do a pin-up for him. And here is Sandata, a member of the Pinoy Superhero Group- SANDUGUAN.

Here is the site:

GALACTUS assembled (Good things come to those who wait.)

A few weeks ago, my wife and I are thinking of purchasing over priced Deathlok and Bullseye action figures at 1,500 pesos each just to complete our set. Fortunately we decided to wait for a little while. Last Sunday, while at SM megamall inside Toy Kingdom, I suddenly saw a guy with a set of five Marvel toys and with those I saw the Bullseye and Deathlok that we've been looking for. I asked around and found out that the set was available at the customer's service near the entrance. We only need 2 to complete the set of 7. Now, we have to buy 3 extras just to get the 2. The price is at 1,998.75, but considering we were suppose to buy 2 for 3,000 at the hobby shop, this is a bargain :) we can always sell the other 3 after a while anyways. Within the set are two bullseye with a different facial expression, the other one smiling. So, in the end we only need to sell 2 figures in the future. I am really glad we waited. Now all we need to look for is the Juggernaut and of course Apocalypse hehe. A new adventure for the both of us. I still think that those who resell their toys 3 times higher than the original price is such a disgusting thing to do. I know it's business for them, but that's just me of course.

Monday, March 07, 2005

MADWORLD coming soon

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Here is the cover for M.A.D.WORLD, my very own graphic novel that will be locally released soon under PSICOM. 96 pages.