Monday, June 27, 2005

Saturdays in Quiapo

I know I haven't posted much of my mind here lately, been busy finishing a lot of work, left and right. But, recently my wife and I goes to Quiapo church every saturday mornings, a whole year "panata" and we are suddenly thrown into a weekly adventure for the both of us. We have to park her car at SM Sta. Mesa.25 pesos flat rate for parking. From there, we took a bus to Quiapo. We are suprised to see the great improvement there. We salute Mayor Lito Atienza for this great deed. My wife seldom commute not after a long time, since her college days in UP Manila and that is quite a long time ago. Just riding the bus is an adventure in itself. It is good place opening up a conversation, we talk about almost everything we can find outside our window.

Going back to SM Sta.Mesa, we found traffic still unpleasant. better than before but still uncomfortable. But, actually 70% percent is due to the driver's intent to wait for more passengers to come aboard just about every stops. Anyway, my wife happened to notice this boy climbing a small tree. My wife told me that she thinks it is good that there are some remaining trees for young boys to enjoy. In the middle of that thought, just as the kid settled on top of the tree, he took out a bottle with solvent inside, "Rugby" in this case as we noticed the color. Oh no! she gasped and can't believe a good thing suddenly turned into horror. She can't believe that our society is now so blind and do nothing for our country's unfortunate children.

We found a lot of internet shops left and right. I told her, I think that 80-90% of the chatters inside the chatrooms are the customers of these shops. My first questions to pinoy chatters inside a chatroom is where they are now? and the number one answer of course... in an internet shop. I think this is good business now. In our neighborhood, I think we have 8 shops. As low as 20 pesos per hour. You can even do alot within the shop like scan, print, play online games, burn CDs and of course chat.

We will be seeing more of these realities for months and we embrace it with open arms. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that here in our country, while fire trucks tried to pass through traffic. Not a single automobile gave way, Firemen almost had to beg and shout just to get through. They are trying to save lives and property for god's sake.

Anyway, hope there will be positive tales to tell in the coming weeks to come... I wish.


Reno said...

I guess those firetrucks you mentioned were going to Greenhills... nasunog NA NAMAN. I was there with my wife, manonood sana ng Batman Begins. Maraming bumbero, but they had a hard time siguro going in kasi bandang looban ang nasusunog.

Sana yung mga cars na ayaw magpadaan ay myung mga may-ari ng stalls sa loob. Para matuto silang magpadaan ng mga vehicles na may emergency.

monsanto said...

Takaw sunog talaga ang Greenhills no? Anyway, feeling ko nagiging selfish ang karamihan sa ating mga pinoys today eh. I mean, di ba common courtesy naman iyong magparaang kapag may emergency? People should remember that anyone of might get this type of misfortune.

Thanks for visiting nga pala Reno. Pwede ko ba iguest si Maskarado sa Digmaan komiks? hehe

Reno said...

Guest si Maskarado? Puwedeng puwede!

monsanto said...

Yehey! Sige next week makikita mo si Markarado sa Digmaan!