Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I haven't updated my blog for such a long time now. So many things going on left and right. Our baby got sick and we have to closely monitor his progress especially since we are scheduled to go to Boracay this week for a four day vacation. He is okay now, thankfully. I was also preparing the pages for the Demigods book 1 I am planning to release locally next year. Coloring Eros pages for Blitzworx release for their second issue, hope I could finish that soon as well. I still have a few unfinished Digmaan pages here that I have not posted yet.
I decided to stop and just enjoy the vacation. I'll just catch up with all these deadlines after our little R and R. I am excited to see my kid play on white sand :) Many firsts for Kyle.

For all those who live within metro manila. please check out the latest book from PSICOM-FANTASYA, now available at Comic Quest, Megamall.

I have some art done inside the latest issue of ADEDGE magazine, although I am not sure where it is available.

Blitzworx#1 is also out! but I think you have to buy them directly from the group, email them at blitzworx@yahoo.com

Anyway, we are off to an early morning flight to Boracay :) See yah!


DADICUS said...

have fun man !!!!!!!!!! some of us are still paying attention!

Anonymous said...

Yan ang magandang ikwento para sa "Komiks"! Ang mga hiwaga sa atin...Mga Datu, Anito, Rajah...Ang Pinoy myths or folklore gaya ng dwende, aswang, kapre, tikbalang, engkanto at diwata...Yung ibang writers at comic artist sa tin madalas ang mga nagagawang komiks e ung halatang galing sa western o ung gaya ng ginagawa ng iba sa nagpapakamanga na para na ngang dating anime o naikwento na...Lets try something different in komiks to make it more original and better...Mas maganda nga kung gagamitin ang sariling atin, diba? Kahit ba ang istilo ng iyong pagguhit ay banyaga mas maganda kung ang susundan mong istorya ay mas iba, mas orihinal at mas bago sa lahat...Gaya nyan very filipino sa story...Makakatulong pa yan sa pagpapakita ng kasaysayan at kultura ng pilipino, diba po?

monsanto said...

Anonymous: Are you refering to the FANTASYA anthology book? Thanks! I'm finally back from a four day vacation and will shortly post in more of Digmaan and other stuffs here.


Jonas Diego said...

Oy, Gilbert! Kamusta yung vacation? :)