Sunday, January 29, 2006

KAPITAN KIDLAT by Leonardo P. Abutin

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Not exactly a komik character, he's from a radio show into a Movie. But everyone will surely say that he should get a title in print.


Dennis said...

Gilbert, would you believe that there was indeed a komiks character named Kapitan Kidlat. This character was the lead serial in the KIdlat Komiks of PSG in 1968. I'll send you an image soon but seems to me that this present Kidalat bears a resemblance :)

Budjette said...

Wasn't there a short-lived TV showed with a character named KIDLAT?

Talking about short-lived TV shows about super-heroes, will you include Eric Quizon's COMPUTER MAN in your list? (hehehe)

monsanto said...


If you have a photo reference of Computer man, why not! :) Sino ba creator nun?

Budjette said...

Hi Gilbert,

Now that I think about it, COMPUTERMAN's costume looks very similar to Arnold's LASTIKMAN costume. Computerman wore all black spandex and had this computer monitor/keyboard on his chest (which kinda looked like something he borrowed from Darth Vader). I think Computerman was created by Eric Quizon. :)

matanglawin said...


Mack Wyman here.

Two things:

Computerman's costume is simply a black Spandex with a swirling vortex over his chest. He was more a rip-off of AutoMan (Computerman came out during the height of AutoMan's popularity).

There was a Kaptian Kidlat movie in the 1950s, played by Armando Goyena, his costume was more like that of the Kidlat played by Ricky Davao in the series.

Aside from the, there was a Kapitan Kidlat movie in the 80s, played by an unknown actor, but supported by Elizabeth Oropesa (Diwata ng Apoy), Charo Santos (Diwata ng Hangin), and Dranreb Belleza (his annoying little brother, akin to Narda's Ding). His costume is all red with gold highlights, but I can't remember if he had any lightning on his chest. And much like Darna, his mortal form, Dando, was given his powers through a ring. He shouts "Kidlat Ngayon" and "Ngayon Dando" to transform.

Now, I don't know about that remake ol' Mikee Arroyo will make, but I do hope he gets struck by lightning.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, good to note that you also know Kapitan Kidlat, he's one of my favorite pinoy superheroes in my younger years.Im just amazed of another hero aside from the very commercialized Darna. Im asking nga some of my officemates if they remember Kapitan Kidlat the movie,sabi nila meron bang ganun,Yes i still can remember the Rio Locsin yata leading lady, with dandreb sa youner brother, elizabeth "fire goddess" , i think its chanda romero and not charo santos " wind goddess",michael de mesa"son of two devil couples".

Sige more info and where can i buy cd's of this movie. Jologs no but im collecting old movies especially fictional ones.

Pls. get in touch


susan said...

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Myke said...

early 80's ata ang Kapitan Kidlat. Kasabayan ata yan ng Dalmacio Armas (Ramon Zamora)at yun Tatlong Baraha (Lapids).

Wala bang Ninja Kids or Super Islaw?

Anonymous said...

I think si lloyd samartino yung kapitan kidlat back in the 80's. However, i'd be delighted to see some comic book releases gaya ng kidlat comics, kickfighter comics and terminator comics. Ang laki kasi ng impact sa akin ng mga comic books na yun :)


kids costumes said...

komiks character named Kapitan Kidlat
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