Friday, May 05, 2006

Mr. ATLAS (ATX) nila Reginald Ting at Jim Jimenez

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A Character made exclusively for Atlas Publishing, Reginald Ting and Jim Jimenez introduced the ultra strong Mr. Atlas.
Character design: Gilbert Monsanto


Taclobanon said...

I'm glad there's another update. Palaging kong sinusubaybayan 'tong series na 'to. Are you planning on making a handbook?


I have read this comics but bkit di na natuloy?wa happened? ^___^

monsanto said...

I'm not really sure why also, we were about to start with several pages for issue 2 when they dropped the project. Now, K2K dropped I can understand because there was no script to work on anyways buut this one is a mystery. I think they should have risked two more issues before they closed the book on this title. All i can say is that it damaged their credibility a little further.

It's their company anyway. They have the right to run it the way they want to.


*___*tsktsktsk...sayang lang...gagagawa gawa sila ng baby tapos di na binuhay pa.parang yon yung ginawa nila.takot lang silang malugi.hehe^___^

Wylz said...

Ituloy nyo na lang sa PSICOM or sa Mango...Puro Procrastination ang pinaggagawa nila..