Monday, December 11, 2006


I was not able to write or post anything here for quite some time now. Must be the season. We've been so busy with lots of upcoming family gatherings and outings. Relatives from UK and the US will be spending the holidays here in Manila so it will be a massive reunion with lots of kids and it will be all fun and body aches :) Aside from that, I've been juggling to keep up with deadlines and recently, we had a major termite invasion and we had to evac our stuffs from our room. 28 big boxes total. I am amazed on how we managed to fit all those stuffs inside a small room. I had to plan ahead just to make it work when it is finally time to return them inside. But I this will be one memorable Christmas for sure. As of now we still have to plan more parties before Christmas. Plus having our newest baby boy needing all the care and attention from us. There is just no time to spare. I even had to return to my old ways of working late as in up to 3-4 am just to keep up with the deadlines. Feel like a Zombie sometimes. A bit cranky even sometimes. Getting old I guess :)

Anyways, i'll to post in updates on our books.

Also, please check out Enchanted Kingdom, the Christmas issue. I colored some pages inside for them. The art on those pages done by my friend, Jim Jimenez and lettered also our friend, Reg Ting (ex editor for DC Superheroes and DC kids Philippines).

I guess that is it for now. I'll post new stuffs soon.


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