Monday, January 29, 2007

The email that struck like lightning!

Just woke up around 3am, took a nap while finishing Rambol #2 pages. My wife told me, I got mail. I was surprised to see who it was from. Now I truly believe in the power of the internet :)

The email:

Hi Gilbert,

It's only now that I saw your Kapitan Kidlat version which was posted in your blog webite January 2006. I must say it look good. I hope to see your own version in the near future. My father created Kapitan Kidlat especially for young Filipinos like you. If Kapitan Kidlat is the first Filipino Fictional Superhero (pangalan pa lang pinoy na pinoy na!), I can certainly say that you and other young Filipino artists are the first Real Superheroes that's putting the Philippines in the top class of the animate/print comics industries. Keep up the good work.

God Bless!

Leonardo "Bobby" Abutin, Jr
Seattle, Washington USA

Imagine that? Thank you sir for your appreciation towards our efforts. I'll send you a personal reply very soon. Well, I guess I have to hit the sack. Tomorrow's another hectic day and we'll be delivering copies of Tropa and Rambol at NBS branches again, greenhills area I think.

nite nite-- err g'morning na pala hehe.

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