Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Just an update.

Still coloring pages for Tropa issue 2. Here is a panel drawn by Lui Antonio. Also been doing other projects on the side. Need those to feed my family and get enough funds for my books :) A new position was offered recently to me, Let's hope this one pushes through.
Did an almost impossible job of producing 52 pages including two colored covers for MMK in 10 days. Managed to finish them in 13days though. Thanks for the help Lan and Aries :)
As for the Carlo Caparas komiks coming out. I just wish it will succeed in reviving the komik industry's circulatory system :) I have just one complain regarding page rates. If a publisher can afford more, why give your drinking buddies less for their work? Yes, they do not mind, or maybe if they don't take your offer, they feared for the worst. Like no more work coming in from you guys. All I wanted to say is that, these artist deserves more love from a friend. Somebody might think, well they are just not in it for the money. Who are we kidding? We all know time is getting short and in no time, if we get sick or something that might prevent our hands to deliver, we might not have enough funds even for medicine. Try to wise up more. In the end this is a thankless job if you are not too successful and saved enough for you and your family's future. Be responsible.
Komikon 2007 is almost upon us and I must admit I am sooo behind. Hope people will forgive me when they do get their hands on Tropa#2 and Rambol#3 before November 17 this year.
That's all for now. Will be posting more soon as I am able.

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