Thursday, November 22, 2007

lost in translation in HK :)

Still here inside the hotel room, working. I miss my kids, I'll try to finish most of my work here so when I get home, I'll get to spend quality time with them. Good thing, I brought some indy goodies from the KOMIKON 2007. Keeping me entertained :)

I haven't written anything about the Komikon yet. My mind is still a bit disorganized from it all. Congrats to the new titles that came out during the KON!

It was really quite an experience, especially when people brought very (1993) old komiks with my work on them! Some of the titles I actually forgot that I did. It was quite a blast from the past.

I wish I could get to study my stories back then.

Thank you nga pala to RENIE and LEVY for helping me sa table. You guys are the best!

Well, back to work for me, Take care guys!

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Reno said...

While you're there, Gilbert, try to get ahold of the HK kung fu comics. Kahit di mo mabasa, sa art pa lang sulit na. Lalo na yung mga gawa ni Ma Wing Shing. Tanong mo na lang sa nagtitinda. :)