Monday, December 03, 2007


November is over and we've experienced a lot of events and changes within the month. We had to stop doing some of the things we've been doing for the last 6 months due to numerous factors and we felt it was excess baggage anyways. If we look at it in one way, it could be viewed as a huge setback. But after letting go, we've managed to get more time back for our kids and that in my opinion, is a very wonderful thing.

We are late with our titles, I am sad that they were not available during the Komikon this year but as my wife pointed out. Rushed work means more room for mistakes. I'm lucky to have a wise woman as my wife :)

Got to travel, my second time in Hong Kong. Here I was able to finish 2 new stories that I hope will get published next year. Sometimes, a good vacation is all you need to clear your head hehe. Everybody there thinks I am chinese so, they just start talking to me in chinese, my wife think that was funny and she had a hard time looking for me stating that I blend in there perfectly hehe. We did not bring our eldest who is just three and a half years old to Disneyland for one obvious reason, he won't remember most of the trip, an expensive one at that. 12 is the magic number for him.

Once we got back from the trip, our second son, Shawn's Birthday was held at the Grilla in Libis. Although, I was not able to attend our High School that same night. Sorry guys, hope you won't hate me... much.

Now, I'm back working and I really need to finish soon, within this week.

Here is for the coming Holidays, Cheers! I'm loving the cold weather.


DADICUS said...

Wow you're still the multiNational traveler I remember!! Congrats on going to Hong Kong!

I'm Very Jealous!

France said...

Hello Gilbert,
Travel is always a wonderful opportunity to learn new things, see new places and meet people. Hong Kong is a real great place. You’re the perfect picture of the digital road warrior. We’ve only recently acquired a laptop and this device is a real boon, especially when one is traveling. Our work travels and moves with us, of course, sometimes it can backfire if we overwork. But overall, there are certainly more advantages, anyway we appreciate your postings. We can somehow live vicariously through each other’s experiences. And you’re right to wait for when the kids are older, mas sulit talaga…we did the same with our two boys. They’re 10 and 11 now, so 12 is a good number indeed. I’ll remember to post our vacation pics also. Looking forward to more exciting projects and postings in 2008.
Francis Lim
Butuan City