Saturday, March 08, 2008

RAMBOL 5 the Villain alt cover

Presenting the CENTIN QUEEN!
completing the chick sets of covers :)
which one do you like best?


jtmtzrwj said...

I like this one the best! And then the Izzy one. Probably cause there are more details to look at in this variant.

Where can I get a copy of RAMBOL#3??

brandy said...

yes, i agree.. how about a double-sided cover?.. i mean dalawang cover. isa sa herap, isa sa likod. this one and the izzy cover will really kick some serious ass!

monsanto said...

There will be a forth cover, the alagad cover and will be done by Kriss Sison :) I guess it will be a double-sided cover after all.

askalfreak said...

hands down, love this one :)