Thursday, May 15, 2008

BACK END DEALS--- anyone?

I have had it. I have to announce that I do not accept back end deals. I have always been willing to help people especially young creators but they do not seem to get the word investment. Artists are people too, we work and we need to get paid. Not AFTER the release of a book, but DURING even BEFORE.

I received an email with this kind of setup, I'll post here what it read but won't expose the writer's name so so he does not need to react. Generally I usually get this kind of deal that I am now sick of seeing.

the terms read:
Here's my terms. 1. You must work with me for at least one year, you MAY work with others too, but you have to remain working with me as well. 2. As long as we are working together, I MAY post any work that you've done for my book on the web, this is strictly for publicity, nothing else, I'M NOT TRYING TO CHEAT YOU!! I'm only trying to boost our success. 3. I WILL pay you a price of anywhere between 60-70$ USD per page for my book, "xxxxx." 4. You will not recieve any payment for the book until TWO WEEKS after the book is released, after two weeks, you will receive anywhere between 60-70$ USD for every page that you did. 5. You must meet all deadlines. 6. If you do not meet the expectations I have for you, or if any part of this agreement is not followed, this contract is null and void. If you have any questions or disagreements, let me know. Oh, and if you need me to, I will buy supplies for you. Hope this goes well.
Two years? and if you don't or took a break, you won't get nothing, even if you produced a thousand pages for the book.

The words saying that he is not trying to cheat me, seems to me that MAYBE he is or he might.

the release of a book is very very flexible, what if he won't or can't? What all the work for free?

Meet your expectations? well, you have not met my expectation for you to pay up front also.

Please creators! If you can't afford to do a book, don't go looking for cheap or naive artists to work on your book that may cause grief to these poor souls. Go to family members perhaps?

I hope this is clear, NO MORE BACK END DEALS.


Planet Markus said...

nakakatawa namang contract yan! heheh..

hey scammers, try coming up with a better contract. yung inviting naman ang dating! heheh..

not all people are as stupid as you think.

Rey said...

I got this kind of thing a lot. and they always point out to their "existing work" which are, pardon my words, mediocre.

gerrycho said...

wow... the evils of comics,
i must say the person who tried to slip this one on you sir is quite amusing. i bet your laughing on his sick terms.

more power po! :D