Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bayan Knights

It is evident that comics here in the Philippines, although seemingly still popular, is really not in a healthy state. In my sincere opinion, it in fact needs major medical attention. For years I have constantly pondered the elusive remedy to the problem. We do not lack great writers, or artistic people whom I know can produce the type of stories that are worth the money. It is now even common knowledge that some of them are currently working on well-known titles abroad. Not here, but over there where they can reap the benefits and respect that they very much deserve. While here, it is so hard for comic book artists to say the same.

I’d like to think I did, or should I say, I am still doing my part. I’ve been in this business for almost two decades. I can say I have done it all, from pencils, writing, coloring, inking, up to publishing my own books. Sad to say, the pace goes ever so slowly toward success. But just like before, I’ll take it in stride. I’m sure someday, our local comics will reach its peak once more. There are many who walk the same path as I do, same direction but not together. Each and everyone doing their best -- we are many but we are alone, scattered all over a great big and wide wall. From afar, we are but specks of black on canvass. At some point we meet, say hi, good luck, take care and how do you dos. After that we climb on aimlessly towards the top. Sometimes we help out, give a hand to reach a certain point. Then start alone again.

I’ve seen more and more creators consistently trying to get their love to as many readers out there as they can reach. Their growing numbers are undeniable evidence that comics still exists where it matters, their hearts. I decided to stop just for a moment to look at where I am and maybe everybody else. Then I found them, not far from each other, I yelled hello and offered something I think everybody needs right now, a helping hand. Not all of them may want or need any help but I am offering and in return, I’ll start asking for help as well. I figured if we can all make it to a certain point together on this wall, we can form a line and people will start to notice. A line, that is what we will be, for we are one.

So I am asking one thing from you now, if you have some way by which you can help us, please do. If you have a character you love and feel that it could be a great addition to our group, join, and if you have any amount to spare knowing that it will go into a unique and good cause, please donate. Lastly, if you could spread the word to more comic readers in the country, new and old, please do so. Comics need your help. For the first time, in its behalf, I am humbly shouting for help.

This site is dedicated to share with you new wonderful ways to help this cause. You can choose from several ways to help. I pray that in a year, we can find new titles, homes to showcase more and more wonderful creations from our local talents, new and old alike.

I believe in the hero in all of us.

We believe that there is a Bayan Knight in all of us.

A Bayan Knight,

Gilbert Monsanto

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concerned parent said...

You want to help? Fine. First, stop making explicit and implicit homages and lame imitations of American superhero concepts. I know you love it, but most of your work are plain and copious imitations of American superhero concepts.

You want a Filipino audience to support comics people like you? TRY BEING ORIGINAL FOR A CHANGE. Of course you can do superheroes, but please do try to inject a spark of originality and innovativeness in your superhero concepts that would clearly distinguish it from the American superhero. All your "little changes" and "variations" are merely ornamental and cosmetic. Comics is not just about "art". Its also about INTELLIGENCE and CREATIVITY in WRITING.

You want to help? You want a Filipino audience to appreciate what you do? Why not start by SERIOUSLY enrolling in CREATIVE WRITING COURSES. Widen your horizons. The more you enclose yourself in the world of "superheroes" the more limited you are. All your superhero stories are just about PHYSICAL CONFLICT and nothing more. And because its nothing more, its downright boring and forgettable.

BE CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE. Stop whining for help from non-creators and your audience. You're supposed to be a comics CREATOR for god's sakes and here you are, calling for help from the audience on HOW to do your job!

Read more besides comics, drawing books, and entertainment trivia. BE INTELLIGENT for a change. For with intelligence, CREATIVITY follows because you have a lot of information with which to play around with and create something NEW.

If you haven't finished your schooling, its not too late to have a continuing adult college course.
If the problem is other Filipino comics creators (mostly illustrators) working abroad, then the solution must be, IMPROVING YOURSELF to be BETTER THAN THEM and making better opportunities in your profession HERE in our country.

Gilbert, THEY are a lost cause. You can be better than them if you want to. It starts with you and only you. Go beyond what you know and I am sure you will be the better for it.

monsanto said...
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monsanto said...
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monsanto said...
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monsanto said...

Flattered ako na kailangan mo magsulat ng mahabang sulat para sa akin. Kapag may naiinggit, ibig sabihin I'm on the right track. You know my email, kung edukado ka, sinulatan mo na lang sana ako dun.

But nooo, mas gusto mo manirang puri at pinakamasama yun. You have no decency to introduce yourself to me. Siguro nahihiya ka sa mga isusulat mo kaya tinatago mo ang pagkatao mo.

I am sorry to say, pero marami akong kilala na di nakapagtapos pero mas marunong makipagkapwa tao kesa sa iyo.

Education is not an excuse to look down on someone. Education should in fact give you the knowledge to know better than to try kicking someone from behind.

In the end, everyone who reads this can see and understand who is more educated between the two of us.

Ner P said...

if you can't appreciate what is being done by others, then that would mean that you are not the target market. have you thought about that?

if you don't like super-heroes then please stick to what you like. go read your melodramatic komiks portraying real life kuno.

comics span a wide genre, pick what you love to read and leave others alone.

better yet, don't buy the product. it will help you save money which you could put to good use.

p.s forgive my english, mababa grade ko sa subject na yan.

Anonymous said...

Bakit ba kung me puna na kaya walang asenso sa komiks e dahil sa mga mahihinang comics creator tulad nyo, e galit na galit kayo?

Bakit ba, kung ang sagot sa puna e, ang pagbutihin at pag-igihan ninyo ang inyong mga gawa at sarili, ay parang nasasaktan pa kayo?

Iyan ang katotohanan. Kayo pa ang nagagalit.

Tapos mag-tatanong at nagmamaka-awa kayo sa post na magbigay ang sinuman ng comment kung papaano ninyo mapabuti ang inyong negosyo.

O ayan. Me nagco-comment. Nasabi na. Para mapabuti ang negosyo nyo, hindi kaya DAPAT ayusin nyo muna ang mga gawa nyo. Me dahilan bang isipin na napakaganda ng mga gawa nyo? Me mga hundred thousand ba ang mga readers nito? Naguunahan ba ang mga publisher na kunin kayo at bayaran ng limpak limpak na salapi? WALA.

Kaya me nagpapayo na kung gusto nyong magkaroon ng asenso, magsimula kayo sa mga sarili nyo. Mag-aral kayo para mapahusay ang "craft" ng ginagawa nyo. E, ilang taon na kayong napa-publish, ALA NAMANG ASENSO. Ganyan na lang ng ganyan. Otherwise, hindi gagawin ang post na ito ni Gilbert di ba?

Papaano mapapabuti ang sitwasyon kung yung mismong mga gumagawa e, sarado ang mga isip at mata sa POSIBILIDAD na wala namang kalidad o ganda ang kanilang mga ginagawa? Papaano magkakaroon ng progreso kung yung mismong nasa alanganin ay hindi bukas ang isip sa kritisismo at panay na lang puri ang tinatanggap at hinahanap?

sentinel-x-dutz said...

"So I am asking one thing from you now, if you have some way by which you can help us, please do. If you have a character you love and feel that it could be a great addition to our group, join, and if you have any amount to spare knowing that it will go into a unique and good cause, please donate. Lastly, if you could spread the word to more comic readers in the country, new and old, please do so. Comics need your help. For the first time, in its behalf, I am humbly shouting for help."

The one good thing I could say about you, Gilbert, is hindi ka tulad ng karamihan sa mga contemporaries mo. Unlike them, you put up a comics publishing ocmpany, Sacred Cow, and you published OTHER TALENTS who are BETTER THAN YOU.

Sana ipagpatuloy mo ito. Iyan ang maisa-suggest ko.

Ang isa pang maisa-suggest ko, PLEASE.



Hanggang publisher at financier ka na lang.

Hayaan mo na ang editing, writing at iba pang creative chores sa ibang mas magaling pang talent.

Alam mo naman, lipas na ang panahon ng mga nineteen nineties at IMAGE COMICS WANNABES. PLEASE give other creatives of this NEW CENTURY the chance to shine. Tama na. Awat na. Pahinga ka na. You've earned it. Siguro sa mga cover ng comics mo, pwede kang sumingit pero PLEASE, yung pagsusulat at editing ibalato mo na sa mas bago at mahusay na talent kesa sa yo.


KS_Knight said...

Sang-ayon ako sa mga puna ni Mr/Ms. Concerned Parent, sana nga lang mas constructive, pero tama siya.

Produktong Kano ang mga superheroes. Lunud na lunud na tayo sa kanilang mga McDonalds, Nike, Hersheys, at Microsoft. Parang sa mga robot ng mga Hapon, ang kailangan natin ngayon ay isang komiks na angking Pinoy, at hindi lamang yung basta-bastang kapre-kapre, tikba-tikbalang.

Maganda ang sequential art. Nakaka-elibs ang initiative. Ang unang hakbang. Yung nga lang pagtingin ko nung isang page may isang karakter na kamukha ni Catwoman/Black Cat. Tingnan niyo, kahit mga Kano nirerecylcle yung mga character concepts nila e.g. The Flash/Quicksilver, Green Arrow/Hawkeye, Mr. Fantastic/Plastic Man. Pati ba naman tayo gagayahin sila. Tama na yung may Darna/Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel/Captain Barbell at Lastikman/Plastic Man. Sana hanggang dun na lang. As far as I know orig naman si Panday, so ayun mayroon na tayong isa.

Bad manners ang pagbibigay-puna na walang binibigay na alternative, so isip tayo. Katatawanan? Bakit hindi, bumenta naman sa atin noong unang panahon ang Funny Komiks, at mabenta pa rin naman ang Pugad Baboy at ang bagong bagong Kiko Machine. Kababalaghan? Pwede rin. Marami-rami na rin akong nakikitang edition ng pinoy horror prose stories sa national bookstore.
At anong mali sa melodrama kuno? Ang problema sa atin masyado na tayong nawiwili sa escapism ng mga kwentong-pantasya. Walang masama kung magkwento tayo tungkol sa mundong kailangan nating harapin (aka Real World kuno).
Crime Noir? Mas maigi. Hindi tayo mauubusan ng mga kurakot na pulis, kurakot na politiko, kidnapper, carnaper, holdaper, gangsters at druglords. Ang sarap gawan ng mythos ang mga hitman ng cavite o kaya mga vigilante ni Duterte. Magbasa ka lang ng headline ng tabloid araw araw may material ka na.
Ano pa? Mga nagsasalitang manok? Why not (sana lang hindi nagiingles). Tribute sa action films ni FPJ, Lito Lapid at Ramon Revilla. Benta. Baklang spin-off ni Darna/Wonderwoman. May pelikula na (talo nga lang).
At marami pang iba. Kung ang mga hapon nakakagawa ng manga tungkol sa kahit ano gaya ng pagluluto, bowling, tennis, basketball, boxing, kantutan, pag-aaral sa math at kung anu-ano pa, tayo pa kaya?

Yun lang. Alam ko namang hindi kayo mababaling sa pagmamahal niyo sa superheroes at mukhang tuloy na tuloy na. Suportado ko kayo kung gayon. Ang tanging suhestyon ko lang eh kumuha kayo ng malupit-lupit na writer. Yung tipong dadaig pa ng husto kanila Alan Moore, Grant Morrison at Warren Ellis dahil kailangan na kailangan niyong i-reinvent, rethink at reconceptualize (oo redundant pero kelangan talaga eh) ang konsepto ng superhero sa konteksto ng kulturang pinoy ng bonggang-bongga (sana lang hayaan ng respective creators ng bawat karakter na pakialaman yung anak nila). Otherwise, mas pipillin pa rin ng tao na tangkilikin ang mas makulay, mas pinagisipan, at mas magandang production values ng Marvel, DC, atbp.

monsanto said...

salamat at may constructive sumulat tulad ni ks_knight.

Ang tanong mo bakit superheroes? Well follow the link, tignan mo kung gano karami ang superheroes sa indonesia. Kung sila nga mahilig din sa suoerheroes eh, tayo pa kayang mga Pinoy?

Ang Bayan Knight is an idea talaga, para magtulong tulong. Hindi rin ito limited sa Superheroes actually. Sa ngayon dahil mahilig lahat ang members sa superheroes, superhero books ang ilalabas namin.

Kung marami ang Horror lovers, pwede rin tayo gumawa ng ganun. if the idea will be successful.

ang masasabi ko naman sa pang araw araw na story types naman, madami na tayong TV. Dun madami na akong napapanood nun. Di tayo mapapansin sa tingin ko lng sa ngayon ha? Kasi malaking kalabang ng komiks ang TV.

So, ganun. Ang pinaka PUSO ng Bayan Knights ay ang SAMAHAN. Saka Lahat ng creators namin ay may say sa kanilang original characters, mga anak nila ito. Kung sa tingin nila hindi tugma, ay pinakikinggan namin sila. This publication is PRO CREATORS. Mahal namin sila.