Sunday, November 23, 2008

BAYAN KNIGHTS at Komikon 08

I am bad at this, it'll take me a bit of time before I could recover and make a detailed entry about our KOMIKON 08 experience. But It was a smashing success, congrats to all of us who are there. Ang daming magagandang Titles ngayon.

Successful din ang unang labas ng Bayan Knights issue 1. Congrats mga Knights!

The whole time, we were getting all the names of all the people who supported us during the day, while I came up with an original 11 x 17 Bayan Knight art to be raffled later that say day, and the Original Bayan Knight art raffle winner is Christian Dior Barcelona no.83rd who logged on our book.

I'll post more about that day soon.


Aaron Turon said...

Ang wasted na pala nung itsura ko nun! XD Congrats sa lahat!

Reno said...

Congrats sa lahat ng Bayan Knights!

jtmtzrwj said...

wow. c pantycat pla pna raffle. ngaun ko lang nakita

Gio Paredes said...

Si Wan, feel na feel yung pag bukas sa plastic ng BK#1 ah... hehehe