Monday, December 01, 2008

Random notes about Komikon 08

Because my brain is still a bit out of order, I'll do a random recollection of my thoughts about Komikon '08

* It is exciting to find more titles this year. More titles means more to offer, more for our readers to choose from.

* It is wonderful that it was not too noisy, the focus is now more into Komiks rather than gaming or cosplay. It was fun to find cosplayers but not for competition. Thus meant more sales for the exhibitors. That is what they came there for anyways right?

* The sound system should be fixed though, Our table was near the stage but we can't hear squat! we have to close our eyes just to understand who is on stage sometimes.

* Bayan Knights did well, including all participating creators. We all agreed to get a joint long table next time to maximize visibility. We are one this year, but scattered all over the place hehe. Next time guys :)

* Lan Medina was there! Now that is worth a lot, I just hope they had announced that fact more.

* I wasn't able to go around much, wish I did. One this I guess we need to do just like at the SDcomicon though. Flyers, flyers, flyers! It is so hard to understand what is going on, or who is at which table no less.

* One good thing also are the food stands, at least this time. there's a lot of selections.

* No where to showcase the products. I'm not really sure if dividers are more convenient so can post posters/ images about the products we are selling? Although tables are much more friendlier but also needs more talk to convince people to check your titles out.

* more soon :)

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kc cordero said...

congrats, gilbert!