Saturday, April 11, 2009


I haven't posted anything hear for a long time. This summer might be the busiest days will ever have. My wife's relatives from the US and the UK are here for vacation. We are literally everywhere whenever this happens, very rare though. It is so much fun for all the kids :)

As for work, I am happy to say that We've completed Bayan Knights issue 2 and we will be able to send the materials by monday. It's a bit late for exciting reasons:

1.) More pages, from 36 pages to 52 pages is a big thing for me to finish on time. So thanks for the patience.

2.) We've managed to get the Best of the best talent to help our cause. Thanks guys! You are our heroes.

3.)The best thing about it? The price is still just 60Phil. Pesos. This is another proof of our dedication to give you our best for less. All we ask is your support.

I am also busy with commissions.

Also started with the Boy Ipis pages. Expanding the Bayan Knights's universe a bit more, slowly but surely.

We are also preparing for some events where Bayan Knights will ba a part of.

It has been a juggling act these past few months for me. Let's find more about them in a couple more months, shall we?

Wish me luck!

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Randy Albert said...

Good Luck Sir! More Power to Bayan Knights!