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There is a new comic book in town, and it is Odyssey Comics’ MAJESTIC XII. I’ll review this book from my point of view both personally as a reader and professionally as a comic book creator myself.

Let us start with the cover. You’ll see outright that this is a very well-drawn book, high quality printing and the works. Like most cover with numerous heroes on board. This is the “pick your favorite character” type. It showcased what the creative team has in store for us, the readers. I’d know because I already picked mine in the bunch. One thing I noticed is the “a little too simple and small” word ODYSSEY on the top left of the cover. As a reader, I’ve always liked the branding logo of a comic company like DC or Marvel, it gives a signal that “this is big, look at us.” The art will get our attention and that is important.

Proceeding with the interiors, Justin’s writing is easy to follow, the kind that won’t make you go, “what happened?” In fact, it is like you know the facts, no need to be mysterious and let’s get into it, and you are now suddenly placed smack right in the middle of the action, with the heroes (or so we thought) as the leader and main man finds out in the story. Buy and read the book to find out the real deal with the Majestic XII.

Artwise, Andrew Kilian’s lines are precise, clean and gives out some great artists’ feel to his style, Geoff Darrow/ Bart Sears and some other guys comes to mind. Although I am not so sure why even the guys have the Angelina Jolie pouting lips on them, plus the full-bodied heroes makes them look shorter. Just my artist side nit-picking here, maybe his vision will fit everything in just right. Omi Remalante’s top class coloring skills also compliments the art. Coloring heavy designed team such as this one is no easy task yet he pulled it of quite beautifully.

If you want to follow new and exciting heroes, this is the book to buy. Do we really have a fighting chance with this hidden war? Buy the book and let the Majestic XII do their job for us to find out.

-Gilbert Monsanto

Follow the link to order:
Majestic-XII: TopSecret/For Magic #1

Justin Leach- co-creator, writer, and publisher, Andrew Kilian- co-creator, penciller, and inker, and Omi Remalante Jr.- colorist

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Legend has returned from retirement only to find the world on the brink of domination at the hands of his long-time nemesis, Anthrax and his team has been replaced by a rowdy, disorderly band of ex-super-criminals. HOW can Legend win and WHO can he trust.

There is an invisible war going on without our knowledge. A battle being waged between our government and an alien empire bent on enslaving our entire species. It is a fight that we are losing and our only hope is a super-human military force known as THE MAJESTIC-XII.

Justin Leach's Majestic-XII: TopSecret/For Magic TM and © Justin Leach and Andrew Kilian. All rights reserved.


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