Friday, January 25, 2013

ARTISTS, one and all.

When a stranger sees me pencilling outdoors, the instant question would be. Are you drawing without anything to copy? FROM YOUR MIND? That's amazing! The concept of this is the main reason why I think pencillers are more valued in comics. Not because you have a great style and all that but because you can put to paper images from the words that a writer wrote. Pencillers are like directors, lightsman, the propsman, the acting coach and the cinematographer inside a movie that is trapped in boxes.

As for Inkers, people then to think that they trace the lines and just that. In fact, most penciller don't do well inking their own work. If they get a great inker, the inker maximizes his time to polish every lines from the penciller, who gets tired at times at the end of each book. Inkers gives consistency and clarity. That is where the art of inking comes in, therefore makes them astists.

Colorists are now having another hard time with people's perception as well. They are the bringer of life to a black and white picture penciller/inkers can only do so well to a certain extent of their capabilities. The colorists decides everything and yes, they have to read the script to know if the time was right for a day shot or a night scene. They need to remember the skin tones and all that makes the comics unique, preserving an identity. They are artists as well.

We, who makes these pages respects each other. I do hope, everyone does as well. Please keep this in mind and respect ALL artists for unquestionably being who and what they are.


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