Thursday, March 07, 2013

Ways to uplift the Komiks industry that some don't want to hear. part 2

 ( before you proceed, remember that this is all about the Philippines. Any opinion outside the country might not be valid.

 As of now, the reactions are still leaning towards " contents " inside the titles. I think that this is irrelevant to what I am writing about. You see, the right content in a komik title is as unpredictable as the weather. There is no sure shot formula anymore. Who would think that a talking chicken would win awards? Not even the author would say, Yes! I did that title to win me awards. He did it because he felt right creating that book.

 People are always focusing on how to make a book that will blow people's minds and sell hotcakes. We forget that the most beautiful thing we can share to the world is something closer to us, the creators. I think the real formula is seeing a creator working on a book that he is passionate about, bringing more people with similar interests together, instead of producing a book that people might think about or like but has so many demands on that particular story.

 Whenever Darna gets revived? Everybody and I do mean everybody seems to be a Darna expert. She should be this, she should be that. With the original author not among us to get the facts straight. All we get is more confusion on how Darna should be.

 Dishing out an original story is still the best way to go.

 Talking about book concepts openly is also a big no no. I have had the experience of sharing a concept out loud with a company I thought will work with me and well, the publisher flew with it, without giving me any credit for it. I hear people saying that this guy and that guy are so uptight, not sharing the story and would ask them to just buy the book. Well, folks! They are wise to do that. If you really want to read komiks, you invest on it. The creators did that by painstakingly doing what must be done producing the book. You should too.

 So content is the least, the least of our problems.


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Nikolai Banasihan said...

Hi Sir! It has been quite a while since I was able to read your blog and actually comment on anything.

I think this is something that I really had to read because of the insecurities that arise from my own choice of story (and even my own abilities in art). I think this, in general, makes me feel more brave about what I write.

I was originally aiming for the Summer Komikon, but there were also other things that took over my time. And so, much as I am already making progress on my first issues (yay!) My progress is much slower than I expected. Let's hope that my works will be out by the next Komikon.

And yes, sometimes the excitement tempts me to share the ideas behind what I do, but I am very wary about this. I would not say that I have very original ideas, but others might use it before I do. Besides, even for readers, it's no good if they already know the story.

That's it for now. :)