Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I'm in my country's history. In stamps!

Last night, Gerry Alanguilan called me up on my cellphone. He asked why I haven't told him about the Darna stamps? I said, what stamps? He told me then that he found out that recently some komiks images was printed in stamps. A number of great artists were included like Nestor Redondo.

Surprisingly, the cover that I did for Mango comics was one of the images. It was the Darna issue 3. Funny, considering as a kid, I used to collect stamps :) Now I am in one, actually, my work is now in one. This is a blast to be a part of my country's history. It feels more important to me than to win any award.

I know in the future there will be more artists like me to be featured there. But, for now I am so happy to see my work on a friggin stamps!

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Ilyn said...

Congratulations Gilbert! :)

-Gerry & Ilyn