Thursday, February 03, 2005

A week without my wife.

Monday to Friday, my wife Glenda is on a company conference in Boracay. Too bad, I can't be there where we had our honeymoon. I have to look after our cute 10 month old baby Kyle :) My boy misses his mom. At night, Glenda usually calls us on the cellphone and I let Kyle hear her voice. He would go NNda! NNda! that is short for Glenda. My fault actually, he hears me call her mom Glenda :) So he calls me Dada while he calls his mother by her first name. I could usually stay up later that 12midnight when she's around. Now, I have to sleep earlier with Kyle beause he wakes up at 11 and won't go back to sleep without me. That's okay, I love being with my kid. Tommorrow, she'll be back and the both of us will be happier again. And I'll be able to get back to working late :) We miss Glenda.(sigh)

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