Friday, April 01, 2005

The King of april fool's

Ha! I'm 33 today. My niece told me yesterday the reason why I am such a funny guy. She pointed out that maybe it has everything to do with my Birthday. Happy April fool's day! I said, "why yes! I am the king of fools." I got to thinking, could that be it? No not really, I lead a lonely life actually. I lived with so many different homes,relatives and friends. Too many in fact that I don't know which moral traits came from where. I was a professional NPA ( No Permanent Address) guy. Came from a broken home, broken in all the sense of the word. But each member of my family has there own unique humane qualities in them that I just can't deny. I took all those positive traits and well... focused on them more. To me, a bad thing is in a line of "it depends", words my wife hates so much. Nothing is in stones for me. But everything for me is like that. I truly believe that all things that happened to me, was given to me by a higher power. I stopped trying to control my destiny by the age of 12. After that? God seems to send me where he wanted me to go. I have followed without question. Most of them misadventures but all good experiences nonetheless. I have survived them all in one way or another. I have found alot of good samaritans along the way. I've always felt lucky. I have nothing, high school grad with nothing much to offer except dedication to the first love of my life, comics. I have been broke more than my mind could count, which is like up to ten? (joke):) But every turn seems to lead me to good company. No drugs, no illegal stuffs.

Finally, something concrete came into my life. Her name is Glenda. She welcomed me without any hesitations, i told her who I was, everyone I've been with and everything I am, she took me in. She taught me silently, like magic I have been... domesticated. And it felt warm and safe. I felt safe for the first time in my life. Now, we have a son to take care of, a family of our own. I often wonder, what if I did not let go and gave up myself to God's mercy? i would probably still be struggling to get a life that is not mine to have.
Now, that would be quite an april fool's joke on me, for all the birthdays I would come to celebrate.

I am such a happy person because of one thing, I know who I am... A happy man with a whole lot of love to give. I am thankful and content. Never perfect, just human.

My birthday wish is for you to find ways to simply find what you need and not what you want. Fair enough?

Have a great one today folks!


Jonas Diego said...
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Jonas Diego said...

Happy birthday, man! :)

Shelly said...

I know this is late but belated happy birthday! This is such a lovely post, God has truly blessed you :) My relationship with Him has always been many ups and downs but I somehow always find myself going back to Him in the end. I suppose I lack patience or something, but like you said, "Never perfect, just human." :)

monsanto said...

You are the one who said that our lives are not run by chaos but instead by some kind of order right? No worries my friend, everything IS in order.

Order? Ano po ma'm? will that be the special? Dine-in po ba o take out? :)