Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Images for Digmaan

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I did this image a few years ago. It was 2001, and I was thinking of a way to revive the local comic industry.
This is ZUMA as he is being cast out of Bathala's kingdom. "You are not welcome here bringer of chaos. All the gods here only has selfless acts to stir man to who they are meant to be, while you only have selfish needs."

Zuma swears to avenge his shame by punishing all mankind whom Bathala loves so much.

In truth, ZUMA is an Aztec god reincarnated and without a race to follow him, he is a complete lonely stranger. He has a lot of children from different women, mostly if not all, taken by force.

Now, He will reveal his most evil scheme yet. So, always visit this blog every week to find out.

ZUMA is created by Jim Fernandez

-Gilbert Monsanto


Richard Moratin said...

Wow! Astig talaga si Master Biotrog! Keep it up Master! :D

Anonymous said...

ian(",): idol kita talaga haneeep!!!

Anonymous said...

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Josh (Oswi) said...

"Maong ka talaga nin mag'dro-drowing." Means, "your a great artist" in my native tongue of Binubolinao. It's great to see filipino artist and comic character out there. All I remember was Darna. I'm looking forward to getting to know more of your work. I'm an amateur colorist and maybe I can get the opportunity to color some of your work. Check out my blog site for my coloring preview.