Tuesday, September 13, 2005

COVER for The Saints issue 4

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Here is another title I am working on. I am currently finishing up issue 5, here's the cover for issue 4. I'll post in the schedule for release soon. Anyway, Issue 3 is still out there :)

The Saints is written and created by Kevin Nagel
Pencil, inks and colors: Gilbert Monsanto

For more info please email Saturn Comics at thehaloeffect@saturncomics.net


tobie said...

I wish I could draw.
My artwork is weird.

johnnyjustice said...

Pencils, inks, AND colors!!! You never cease to amaze!


Ner P said...

WOW! nakakailang issues ka na bert? yung copies ko? he he he

Ed said...

That's cool, Bert! Way to go!

monsanto said...

Tobie: sige I'll wish for y0u na matuto ka mag draw :) Kaya mo iyan basta gusto mo.

JJustice: Thanks for the nice comments.

Ner: Yung isang copy mo nandito pa rin, di ko lang naabot. Bale pangatlo ko ito, pag natapos ko ang issue 5.

Ed: Wow! Sarap naman. A compliment from you is heaven :)