Tuesday, October 04, 2005


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Another old lineart of mine. Isog and Timawa, two local superheroes with tattoos on them.

ISOG is created by Louie Salvio

TIMAWA is created by Gerry Alanguilan.


jude said...

ooooh, i like the tribal tattoos. <3

Budjette said...


Astig! Isog was one of my fave EXODUS characters! And of course, TIMAWA kicked-ass ever since he did that backflip over the traintracks.

Team-up! Team-up! Team-up! :)

GoingNuckinFuts said...

terrific looking. The way you drew the muscles seem somewhat old school to me. I only wish that we were able to enlarge the pics sometimes...like for the previous entry "MONDAY WEB RING offering :) " Havent been around lately cause Ive been busy but its nice to see so much cool stuff all at once when I have time to catch up on blogging.

P.S. the guy on the left- even though those shoes makes sense- I could never get used to them haha Tights and underwear on the outside is enogh sometimes shoes like that is pushing it hah

GoingNuckinFuts said...
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reno said...

kasama ba sila sa DIGMAAN? :)

mangguhit said...

Magaling! Mahusay!
Naaalala ko ang art ni Clem Rivera!

monsanto said...

Thanks guys!

Reno: Digmaan? kasama sila malamang basta maipasok ko lang ng tama dapat sa story ko :)

I'll post more old works.

Ed said...

Astig, Bert! Di ka tao! :P

Parehong pintados, click yan kung meron team up like Budj is suggesting. Hehehe.

Keep it up dude!


Gerry Alanguilan said...

Ang galing nung Timawa drawing! Akin na lang! he.he.

monsanto said...

Gerry: sige, dalhin ko bukas. Uy Birthright ko ha? hihi