Wednesday, October 12, 2005

KATKIN/SIDES crossover

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This was done during our stay at Whilce's studio in ballete drive. Roy Allan Martinez (wicked,wonder woman) agreed to do a crossover featuring his character, Katkin together with my chracter, Sides. Unfortunately, he was only able to finish a few pages for his part of the book. I finished mine though.

The image above is the supposed cover for that collaboration. Roy pencilled the left part of the spread while I did the right side and inked the whole thing.

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GoingNuckinFuts said... definitely have to start making larger scans cause this is wow.Ide love to see the details in this

reno said...

Sana lumabas ito one day. Nakita ko ito noon doon sa EXODUS '99 na ginawa mo noon.

Sana naman matuloy ang mga na-feature doon sa EXODUS '99.

monsanto said...

Reno: I will be publishing them all together in DEMIGODS book 1 next year, full color. :)

cathy said...

I realy like your digmaan comics, and these sketches. however, hindi ko pa din maiintindihan ang advantage nang having less than a panty on sa fighting efficiency nang famale character. hindi ba sya overly conscious sa kanyang suot habang nakikipaglalaban? baka naman tactic yun at nakakatulong sa pag-distract nang kalaban. then again, kung kalaban mo ay monster na ang gusto lang gawin ay kainin ka, bare flesh would seem more apetizing because the monster wouldnt have to think about things like, "how the hell do i digest that armor she's wearing?" wala lang, random thoughts.

monsanto said...

Cathy: I think Katkin is from a different dimension, where demons are common and the people are not really mindful of how they look :) Katkin is so deadly that even though you would want to look at her assets? Her stare will kill you. She would probably think that her prey should atleast enjoy the view before the kill.

Anyway, this is Roy's creation so I guess he can do whatever he likes with the character.

This is from a guy who draws inverted crosses just to tell people it does not necessary means he's a devil worshipper but actually proves that it does not mean anything to him. just stupid images for him to use.