Wednesday, May 02, 2007


This one is like the other side of the same coin :)

from my friend John Becaro.

Journal Entry: Wed May 2, 2007, 2:49 AM

I STILL LOVE THE FILIPINO KOMIKS INDUSTRYThis is but just a random thought, but I would like to share this to everyone.If there's anything I could say why I love the Philippine Komiks Industry, I would always say BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO. I don't need to explain it coz it's an attachment that I cannot simply measure.If you love something, You will do anything for it. sEE? It's unconditional love no matter what. Free from boundaries.Deep inside attaching to our soul.Yes. Blind as it is. But that's how I love. I see to it that it is more on heart and not more on thinking. Because if we think too much, we will always end up to what is ideal and may sometimes fall into being unreal. Yes. Love Hurts. But that is just a process.A process that will keep us more strong in our journey on what is call life.Regardless, if it is done in different style, Western, Manga or Not; Glossy or newsprint, Black and White or Colored;Tabloid or 8.5 x 11 format; Distributed locally, nationwide, or International; published mainstream or indie; Horror, superhero,Fantasy, real life or Not. Komiks, Comics, Komix or Not. Tagalog or English. Wether it is sold out or not. As long as it is Done for our Filipino People, I don't care, I will still Love the Filipino Komiks Industry.THE PHILIPPINE KOMIKS INDUSTRY DESERVES A CHANCE. If you hate it because there are companies and crews that threats each other as animals, then you must not hate the industry, you hate the people who does it. If you hate what is the current happenings on the industry because it does not meet the ideals, then you must hate the Events that transpired.and not the Industry.THE INDUSTRY IS BUT JUST A VICTIM on events that transpires on it and by some people that surrounds it.Can you see it? IT SUFFERRED ENOUGH, IT DESERVES HEALING AND HELP FROM US. BLAMING THE WHOLE INDUSTRY IS BUT JUST UNFAIR. There are so many people who cared and loved it more than we know.How about them? Do they deserve hate because they belong on this so called industry? Is this a time for blaming each other, now that our Industry needs the enlightened people the most?It all boils down to attitude problem and not on the Industry that deserves to grow.If you think there is a problem on the industry , propose a solution. If you think you hate the industry so much, go out and find other industry coz that will be good for you and would surely distress you. Leave us and we will always find ways to make this industry alive on our own little ways. Who knows in the near future? That's just simple.Expressing hate does not help anything, it just creates another mis- understanding and negative energies that will blocked us to grow and become mature.The best thing we could do for now is we start on our own and do not just rely on this so called "revival" or "industry" that keeps us always into pressure.Learn from the mistakes of the past and do our best not to make it happen again.The Industry is US and will start again on us. Everything we do now will contribute a lot on the upcoming years to come.Believe me, there is hope, it simply starts on us. It is not attainable right now but it will be. A new era of Philippine Komiks Industry has arises even we still did'nt realize it for now.With the awakening of the new generations of comics creators and enthusiasts, there is still a chance and a room for CHANGE.We need more people who love doing Komiks. _For the Love of Filipino Comics.

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