Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tropa preview number 2

Another good reason to pick up Tropa #2 when it hits the shelves soon is LAN MEDINA. Yes, Marvel Comics superstar did several pages for our humble book. Lan is one of the kindest man in local comics. He is very shy in nature but pours everything on paper. he's both dedicated to his profession and to his family. A silent wonderful guy.

There are other reasons why Tropa#2 is special like Gerry Alanguilan, Ed Tadeo, Oliver CastaƱeda, and other great pinoy artists who did pages and inks for the book. The book symbolizes a certain unity among artists and their love for the medium. I can't get all of them now, but I will contantly do so with the other issues. There are reasons why I did not invite some here...yet. I always consider their strength and would usually cater the scenes for them. I'll show you the no script process I use with these books soon.

I cropped the page to avoid spoiling the story. Sorry about that guys.

Thanks Mr.Medina for the support, for us and the local komiks industry.


...Michael Turda said...

Wow this is somewhat a powerhouse cast, man! Bigatin pala ang tumira dito sa issue 2. I hope I can ask my wife to get a copy for me. I first saw Tropa 1 sa recent Komikon sa Peyups and here now mas matindi na ito.

Good luck man and more power!

Your works are really fantastic as always!

Hazel Chua said...

hope this comment won't offend you... I long bought the rambol and tropa comics and i think they were great. recently, one of my officemate bought rambol and after opening the comics, he got disappointed... ginaya daw yung characters sa street fighter/ mortal combat. so i went to check the characters again then i realized that it has resemblance with the said characters...

monsanto said...

Hazel, if you are pointing out Biotrog, he IS inspired/parody of Vega. The local industry in the early 90's suggested that we do that to attract younger readers. Kung sa Alagad inc. naman, I don't think so. Wala naman sigurong Igorot sa Street Fighter di ba? Manga ang style ni Kriss Sison so malamang nakahawig sa iba pang manga characters. Pero origin ng characters at premise ng stories sa loob ng book? All Pinoy and original.

Tropa ay lalo na. May Aeta diyan, May Chinoy, Tisay, at half japanese at may true blue pinay na kalahating Diwata nga lang.

Read it again. Images ay mahirap talaga sa panahon ngayon, marami ang nakakahawig o kaya inspired from. Tulad ni Zsa zsa Z, parody ni Darna. Combatron is a parody of Rockman. Marami pa diyan. Si Supreme, Hyperion, at marami pang ala Superman ay inspired nga kay superman, may naririnig ba kayo negative about them? Iba kasi ang stories and origins nila.

Pero you should not judge it sa panlabas lamang. In the long run, lalalim pa ang stories niyan. At malalaman ninyo na PINOY talaga ang stories na nasa loob nito. Kasi Pusong pinoy ang pinagmumulan ng mga kwento dito.

Malalim ang history ng METROPOLITAN, lahat iyan ay published characters ko mula pa sa iba't ibang publications noon. Promise ko lang, mageevolve silang lahat in their good time.