Monday, September 24, 2007

Clearing something up.

Just read something about Digmaan:

"And thus we find ourselves in this situation. Filipinos who are capable of doing worthy comics are not doing webcomics or are doing them halfheartedly. The majority who do comics on the web simply do not have the talent to create something worthwhile.

Gilbert Monsanto, an established professional, gives us Digmaan, a fanciful exercise in super heroics. A quintessential superhero artist, his webcomics fall short of the quality he is capable of providing. He has demonstrated that he is fully capable of solid meticulous illustration when he wants to, and yet he considers it unnecessary to apply the same to his webcomics."

First, I would like to thank you for mentioning my fanfiction webcomic on your site. Thank you sir.

I just want to clarify something to Mr. Osorio, Digmaan is not meant to be done in its full version at all. It was never my intention for this story to be done and geared up to be just a webcomic. In fact all you see here are unfinished pages, most are not inked. I do this intentionally for several reasons. To make it clear that I have no intentions to get this comic pages in print, , most of the characters included here are owned by their respective creators. It will be a miracle if one day, I'll be able to get permission from all of them in order for me to use all of the characters and produce the actual Graphic Novel of DIGMAAN, 300 pages all in all. Another reason is to prevent piracy, I don't think they can print these low resolution images, and if they do. It will not the be the final cut nor a sellable image. I am focusing more on the story itself, keeping it locked inside my brain hurts, this is sort of a release mechanism for me. I thank the web for that.

I am content that I am now able to show and even remind more and moe people of the richness of our local komiks when it comes to having these fantastic characters that inspired me to do what I do today.

Digmaan in print will be the real dream come true for me. I just hope that the glimpse of that reality is enough for my readers, for now. Sorry to disappoint, but hey at least it's fun and free of charge.

I am currently doing a promotional image, I'll do this one in it's complete version. They'll appear the way I would want the book to look, if it ever get published.

Hope that clears up everything.


al2fenrir said...

Sir Gilbert, I can't believe he put you on top of the line. Ok, if he's not contented of how you make your comics, fine, that's a matter of opinion, but you know, I appreciate people who, at least, tried their best to be creative than those people who do nothing but destroy other people's works and reputation.

If you're not good, then, why do you have fans? And who is he? Is he any better? You know what, I had read his article, and what I see is an envious fool, who is arrogant enough to make crappy speeches. Well, fact of the matter is, he can't do anything right. Why won't he just criticize himself and leave the artist alone.

Let him say what he wants. Whatever he says, he can never put a good man down. Do your thing.. I know you're doing your best, and even if it's not good enough for some, at least, you're doing the right thing. Unlike some who can't do anything other than step on other people's head just to elevate themselves. That's terrible if you ask me.

Ner P said...

his opinion would have been better accepted if his blog is open for comments.

maybe this guys doesn't realize that most of us have day jobs and limited time.

sana ma comment siya dito kung ayaw man niya dun sa blog niya