Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Ito ang susubukan kong mailabas, mock up pa lang ito :)


azrael said...

astig nito!
pa timbre kung lalabas na ito
at kung meron ka preview pages


Daniel Ted said...

Seems great.

martin said...

looks like something out of the pages of "bata batuta" komiks.

dont get me wrong, mr. monsanto. i like your work alot but, in my age, id prefer reading hellsword..

i dont think ill buy a copy of this one.

monsanto said...


Well, they did tell us to make the book for kids up to young at heart readers. So, there you go.

I'll try to tell you more about the stories and maybe you'll change your mind once you get to read their unique and amazing adventures. :)

If They'll give me another title to work on. I'll probably cook up stories similar to Hellsword. And I do have them already in my head, around 4 other new stories.

Thanks for you comment Martin.


monsanto said...
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