Monday, March 01, 2010

Bayan Knights under a dark Ondoy sky

This is my humble contribution to the Renaissance "ang muling pagsilang" book. A charity book together with 60 super talented pinoy artists. I recommend you buy this book. It is for a good cause and I am hearing that this is just the beginning.

published by ANVIL publishing Inc.


Enrico Teodorani said...

I love your art!

greyl said...

i saw one here in NBS Tuguegarao definitely buy one this week. just a question was the paper used intended to be that way? the quality of the art was mired by the paper that was used.

sir any ETA on when can i get a hold of BK issue 3 over here?

Edward said...

Chief, I'm one of your big fans starting from Biotrog's older days with Kick Fighter. Naalala kita nung nakakita ako ng lalakeng nakasuot ng T-Shirt na may print ni Biotrog.

I love your work, man! Top notch. I didn't know that you are still in the comics industry. My interest in comics died with Kick Fighter kasi, hehe... Since then, I didn't have the resources to know about your new titles.

Meron ka palang bago, Bayan Knights. Never seen that yet dito sa local bookstore and magazine stands namin. Ilang issue na ba yan? Can you tell me where I can get back-issues? I'd be very glad to support a local artist.

Congrats, chief, and more power to you!

monsanto said...

Edward: just follow the link below :)

Thanks sa support man!