Thursday, November 22, 2012


 I am surprised that some people think that Spandex and super hero costumes are just for the Western types of comics. What, really? If that is true then fashion are for specific nations only? What, does that mean I can't wear Levi's jeans or something? So they can't wear barong as well when they visit our country?

 Have you been in an event with cosplay? Do you really think those fashion are just for a few nations to use? I think Superhero fashion is almost Alien in origin. You can't wear those everyday. It's what separates superheroes from all of us ordinary types.

 So even here in the Philippines, whatever some people might say or think. My superheroes can dress up in spandex. What makes them superheroes are not the clothing, it's all about who they are. To those who think that my characters aren't suppose to wear the costumes they are in, you better look at what you are wearing.

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