Tuesday, March 08, 2005

GALACTUS assembled (Good things come to those who wait.)

A few weeks ago, my wife and I are thinking of purchasing over priced Deathlok and Bullseye action figures at 1,500 pesos each just to complete our set. Fortunately we decided to wait for a little while. Last Sunday, while at SM megamall inside Toy Kingdom, I suddenly saw a guy with a set of five Marvel toys and with those I saw the Bullseye and Deathlok that we've been looking for. I asked around and found out that the set was available at the customer's service near the entrance. We only need 2 to complete the set of 7. Now, we have to buy 3 extras just to get the 2. The price is at 1,998.75, but considering we were suppose to buy 2 for 3,000 at the hobby shop, this is a bargain :) we can always sell the other 3 after a while anyways. Within the set are two bullseye with a different facial expression, the other one smiling. So, in the end we only need to sell 2 figures in the future. I am really glad we waited. Now all we need to look for is the Juggernaut and of course Apocalypse hehe. A new adventure for the both of us. I still think that those who resell their toys 3 times higher than the original price is such a disgusting thing to do. I know it's business for them, but that's just me of course.

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