Friday, March 18, 2005

DIGMAAN page 4

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NerP said...

darna, issue 4, ha ha ha

Jonas Diego said...

Galing! Building tension. :)

johnnyjustice said...


Cool stuff, man! Are all these yours?

Feel free to drop on in and check out soem of my work at and lemme know what'cha think.


monsanto said...


All the characters on this fanfiction online comics are creations of our country's top comic writers. Just weaving them together in one fictional universe. Most of the characters here does not exist in one universe like in DC or Marvel. The rights are individually owned by their creators. So this is like a big crossover thing. The fisrt one, and probably can only be done this way. I've discovered that trying to put up a project like this on print will be near impossible due to clanistic creative differences and rates to buy each rights from all the creators family.

Thanks for dropping by :)
-Gilbert Monsanto

Jac said...

I enjoyed reading this :)