Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The day I became FEMALE!

What the Fu-! I went with my Father in-law to NKTI in Quezon City last week to get some medical tests. The usual things like x-ray, blood and urine tests. Because I was new and have no previous records there, I need to get the pink card and register. I have not eaten for 12 hours by then but I know I was not whoozy or anything to make a mistake. So, we got the test results by Friday. When I got the print out of the results, it says there that my gender was female! Argh! What? a female went ahead to check if her prostate was okay? Damn that lady clerk who put down on their main computer my false gender. So, I went there and have my information changed, another guy changed it for me. But these tests that are already printed? well, I'll just ignore them I guess.

They got my name right this time, but I became female for a day this time around.

What's next? Aaargh!


Ner P said...

he he he, ano yan hidden gender. ako naman sa phone bill ko ms. nakalagay.

Ner P said...
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DADICUS said...

HA! HA! HA! you's A LADY my friend!!!!!LOL

Hey man we're doing a Jam on my blog come on and join in it'd be great to have you do a pinup!!!!!! I always check tha' SANTO!!!!

monsanto said...

love to join in man, just tell me which character to work on. Maybe email it to me-

Thanks and don't mess with a lady hahaha!