Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hi, I'm Gilbert Monsanto and I'm a COMICS ADDICT:)

Addicted to COMICS, as in comicbooks.

This just came to me when I entered Druid's Keep to finally get our latest fix of comic book issues. I was a bit shaky, the aircon was not too cold. I guess its been a while since I got a hold of a comicbook, been working on them for a long while now. Being a comic book illustrator professionally for 15 years now. But I have been a comic addict since I was a kid. Although I can't always afford to buy my own copies back then, I can always go to my cousin to read his comics there or go to National Bookstore to browse.
I can't categorize myself as a collector either, I've always believed that the only way to truly enjoy an issue is by reading them over and over again. My wife's collections are near mint, mine on the other hand, ain't.
So, when can I say it all started? What is the farthest memory can you recall as a kid? I always claim that it was a red thing, like I was in womb or something. But as far as I can recall, the most memorable one? would be a green skinned monster called hulk. I can't read then, I was too young. My big brother George mentions all the names and I would memorize the logo. So the sound hulk translate into H U L K the image, because I can see those letters on the cover.
I would sneak out an issue from Kuya George's box and read them in our attic, if you can call a room near the entrance to our three storey small building/home roof an attic. For sure I can't understand the words written but I sure can understand each and every images drawn inside ever panel. The army wants hulk but Hulk SMASH!!! This is my first encounter with story telling. It got me hooked and my brother angry when he found out I was reading his precious books :)

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johnnyjustice said...

I'm the same way as far as "collecting" goes. Don't get me wrong, I take very good care of my comics, but I can care less if my comics are a "9.6 CGC Grade", lol

Personally, I cannot stand all of that CGC's a great way to sucker people's money IMO.

I just want to READ my comics...over and over again!


monsanto said...

Yes, that is the way to go. Besides, 20 years after, who will get rich when there will be hundreds of issue #1s of any of these titles? If it is not rare, the prices won't go high.

So practically speaking, if everyone collects? There will be no winners.