Wednesday, July 20, 2005


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This is an ad for Alagad Inc., I hope I can find a way to publish this soon. I am restraining to showcase the pages online. Kriss Sison is now busy doing pages for Seven Seas. I hope I can still afford him, if he'll be able to continue issue 2 for me. I was able to color the 5 pages already before Atlas pulled the plug on ATX and RAM, I decided to wait a little longer for a better time to put this project out, hopefully with a better publisher.

Written and created by: Gilbert Monsanto
Art: Kriss Sison


Richard said...

Isa sa mga idol ko din sa mga artist ay si Kriss Sison, sana nga ay mapublish na 'yan.

Anonymous said...

wow.. sana nga eh ma-ipublish na yan. looks interesting.

um.. meron po bang sariling site si kriss sison? o kaya deviantart? gusto ko pa kasing makakita ng mga gawa niya aside from sevenseas.

monsanto said...

Ako na lang ang magseself publish! Pray na next month, out na ito. Basta cool ito. Ewan ko kung san pa yung isa pang site ni Kriss eh. check ko.


Stanford Hoseki said...
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Stanford Hoseki said...

I got myself a copy of the first of this series, when is the next one coming? I want it! haha Ganda ng character design, may elements ng anime and western style comic. Uniquely pinoy ang story, maganda ang pagkakabitin kaya I want more!

Unang preview na nakita ko ay sa Comic na Atlas[If Im not mistaken] and that was like a year ago. sana yung next issue eh hindi 1 year later *waaah* Go kuya Gilbert I believe in you!

monsanto said...


Available na ang RAMBOL 2 sa Filbars, comic oddyssey, Comic quest at sa Druid's keep.